Happy’s Zen Horoscope (12th September – 18th September): Balance is key
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Happy’s Zen Horoscope (12th September – 18th September): Balance is key

Mars moves through the sky and enters Libra territory on the 14th, which makes it the perfect time to give the relationships in your life the attention they deserve.

With an emphasis on one on one time, anything that needs to be brought to a head can be played out in a fair and just Libran manner. Look for solutions where you can both get your points across equally, allowing for the kind of meeting of the minds where compromise and diplomacy help to get things done.

If you put your best foot forward, you can expect to gain a stronger sense of commitment that will create and sustain harmony and success in the months ahead.


Patience is needed at times, especially when all you seem to come up against are endless delays. At times like this, patience, and centering is advised.

The key message for Virgo this week is ‘not now, maybe later.’ Timing is everything, so with this in mind, wait it out just a bit longer, and know that when things align you’ll be able to move forward once again.


Keep an eye on Presence this week, as you charge ahead, fuelled by your latest inspiration.

Sure you might be experiencing a little creative restlessness, but getting it up and running still requires some thought to really get grounded into reality. You may need to map out your strategy or test an idea or two before jumping in.

Advice: make sure your inspiration matches your broader long-term goals for the future.


There should be some major satisfaction coming your way this week, as far as a wish coming true goes.

As long as you keep striving for the next level, and don’t become too comfortable or complacent with where you are at so that you inadvertently stop trying, everything you wish for should be coming true.

Work it, baby. Work it!


If you’ve experienced any personal setbacks lately, now is not the time to rest on your laurels. Take it as a cue that you need some alone time to get things done, especially if you are involved in a team project, now may be the time to work independently.

This is where communication and compromise come into play, express your needs or requirements in a way that won’t leave anyone too much out in the cold, and you’ll be just fine.


Decisions, decisions, which path will you take? Sometimes it’s best to just choose, at least then you’ll know how you really feel, and you can probably always change your mind later on if it turns out to be a mistake.

Advice: You may need to cut out any external noise for a moment so that you hear yourself think, and allow your inner voice to come through. Trust that you know what to do, and make your decision based on your own moral compass.


Kick some bad habits to the curb – especially those where other people factor into things, love, relationships, the whole gambit.

Because you are being called on to do some personal up-leveling, and for you, that means letting go of any habits that may have been preventing you from letting love in. It might not be easy, but you’ve got this.


Self-care, and self-love. Make this week all about you. There is no doubt that you are great at taking care of others, but sometimes Pisces, you forget how to look after yourself – especially if those in your life are weighing you down with their problems.

Set some boundaries, because you can’t be expected to do all the heavy emotional lifting in a relationship. Tell them what you need and take care of yourself for a change. You deserve it.


Cause and effect, if you do this, then this will be the outcome, sounds about right? No, not always, but you already know from experience,  that 1+1 doesn’t always equal 2. But don’t let this get the better of you, not when you are consistently working towards something that you want.

Even if it has its moments and things aren’t adding up, try not to let the stress weigh you down. Keep things simple this week Aries, go out of your way to destress, and keep it simple, really simple. That’s it.


Big fish, small pond. Time to swim out a little farther than you usually might. All in the name of personal growth and adventure.

It may sound a bit scary, you may even be a bit reluctant, but if you reconnect to your original goals, you’ll find it easier than you would’ve first thought. Too easy actually, just remember to keep wiping the sweat off your brow, with each step.


Professionally and personally alike, there is a strong focus on relationships this week and how you all work together for the bigger picture.

You’ll find that it’s easier than ever before to see just how important other people’s contributions are, and how everyone brings something unique and important to the table. If you pay close attention, you may even learn something – wouldn’t that be neat?


Romance asunder, creativity, compassion, and beauty surround things for you this week, You know what you want and you know how to go about getting it. How you ask? By sweeping people off their feet!

When it comes to making decisions in the romance department, let any romantic notion you have pave the way forwards – feel rather than think, and you can’t go wrong.

Advice: use any past pain as a tool to make you smarter, which will enable you to give to your next relationship in a different way.


Dig deep Leo, especially if you are struggling to keep working towards your goal. Some challenges feel relentless, sometimes you’re not sure if you can cope, but you are close damn it, really close, so keep going.

Draw upon your internal resources, remember why you got started in the first place, and get things over the finish line.