Happy’s Zen Horoscope (16th May - 22nd May) – Unfortunately, it's time to be better

Happy’s Zen Horoscope (16th May – 22nd May): Unfortunately, it’s time to be better

A new Zodiac season is upon us on the 20th, with the Sun entering Gemini, which will help to guide some change. It’s a great time coming up for some creative ideation.

So let your mind be open to exploring new and wonderful possibilities. And if you feel your attention wandering, don’t worry, just move onto the next thing. It doesn’t suit Gemini energy to focus on one thing for too long unless it’s a book.

So use this timeframe for what it’s meant for, embrace a little creative thinking and get comfortable with the idea that you don’t have to only do one thing, no, no, not at all, try your hand wherever it falls.


Give yourself a pat on the back Taurus, looks like everything is going to be ok after all. After a pretty trying timeframe, when you weren’t sure how things were going to go, you can comfortably relax and get used to the new normal.

Because it’s nice to be supported, it’s nice to know that your loved ones have your back. So embrace it, it’s not going anywhere. Have some fun, remember fun? And remember it’s totally fine if things get a little out of hand here or there because it’s probably just what you needed.


Nice week for getting what’s yours. You know what it takes, and this is your season baby, so get to it. It doesn’t matter if some people can’t handle your intensity, some will either love it or hate it, but that shouldn’t matter in the least, because people be people, you can’t please em all.

You know what you want, so use this time to not only come up with some great ideas, but alongside them, mapping out some strategies that will make them fly. You know your methods, work them like you work your great sense of humour, apply your strengths like there is no tomorrow. 


There may be some delays, some indecision, that’s fine, just let it be. Best not to get worked up over it. Best to use it as an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective. So hit the pause button and rethink things.

Use the Gemini energy that is around to help you to come up with a new strategy if need be, use this time to rethink your options. It’s a very purposeful and meaningful timeframe, so let this week be all about that. Hitting the pause button. That’s it.


Too many ideas, too many options, decision decisions, sometimes it all gets a bit too much doesn’t it Leo. Maybe you should just chill the fuck out and hit the pause button yourself.

Because if you can’t hear yourself think, how can you expect others to hear you? To commit to anything with the right intent, and to get things back on track, from misaligned to aligned, from collabs feeling difficult, to collabs feeling on point, take a beat, create some mind space, give yourself a moment and when you are clear, everything will be clear, you’ll see. 


You may have some high expectations this week, don’t fall into the trap of only wanting things one way, because chances are, you’ll only get disappointed. It’s hard to go with the flow sometimes, we know this, but do yourself a solid and give things some time. 

Give yourself some much-needed space for you to get a feel for all of the possibilities that are out there, so that when you are ready, you can settle on the right one for you. 

Advice for the week, don’t resist what is being presented, it doesn’t mean you have to say yes, just don’t say no… you feel me?


What is life without a little danger? A Little risk? So many adventures in life have the potential to go either way. Makes it seem like life doesn’t hold many guarantees, but don’t let that stop you.

Sure you still need some time to work through your plans, so don’t get too far ahead of yourself this week, dreaming about how fantastic this or that is going to be, just slow down, give it time, let it settle.

Advice, do your favourite thing, and pretty much the only activity that you thrive doing alone, and get writing. Write it all down, plan it, plot it, and then…  and only then you can sign the dotted line.


A nice shiny opportunity is around, but for some reason, everyone around you doesn’t see it in the same light as you.  Which can really suck, am I right? Especially as it is only up to you to make it happen, to say yes, to do all the work, but for some reason people love to put in their two cents even though they aren’t actually putting in their two cents, if you know what I mean.

So what does it make you feel like doing? Lying, cheating, stealing your way through. One word of advice, adopt another method, this one will only get you into trouble. But don’t give up, you’re not far off from a pretty decent payoff, pay rise, whatever it is that you have up your sleeve, so keep going. 


You’ve weighed things up, you know how it all works, the hard, the easy, it’s a process always has been, always will be. So don’t lose your confidence just because you know all of this, the fact that you know it is enough. Take any setbacks in your stride and keep going.

You pretty much always have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, so now it’s just a matter of getting everyone else on the same page, and that my friend will require a bit of leadership, so step up and be the leader that you know can be. 


This is a great week for spending some much-needed quality time exploring what will bring you true happiness and help you to realign your goals with your values.

Because there is a change coming, there is something new stirring within you. So meanwhile embrace a little logic, as this will automatically cut out any unnecessary emotional garbage so that you can connect to some new ideas and help you to redirect your energy in a positive way.

Advice, don’t action anything this week, just let this new pathway sit with you for a bit, keep it simmering till you’re ready to take the lid off. 


You know who you are, you are clear on your personal truths and beliefs, but sometimes you stick too rigidly to this idea, and you find it hard to compromise. Want to avoid stress this week? Sometimes it’s just easier to meet halfway, it really is.

We can all get caught up in fighting for what we think is right, or wrong, or better, or worse, etc etc, etc. But Aquarians, do yourself a favour this week and keep your self-respect intact,  just split the difference. Split it like you’re sharing a banana split in a diner from the ’50s. 


Oh Pisces, dear dear Pisces. Too much going on up there in your head?  A little upset about something? Best to get it off your chest, lest it take up the better part of a week. So do yourself a kindness and give yourself permission to shut yourself up in your bedroom and just say out loud whatever comes to you, swear words and all.

Just let it all out. Because you need the space for new thoughts and new ideas, and for that, you need a clear mind, so do just that, create the space. You will feel much better afterwards I promise you. 


Dig deep to connect to your inner resources this week Aries, especially if you feel like you are struggling in any way. At this time things may feel confronting or relentless, it kind of makes you want to give up, but don’t.  Stay connected to your centre, to your own brand of resilience and courage.

Stay motivated with positive self-talk. Because you have it in you to turn this challenging situation into a brilliant success, and in the process, help others facing similar challenges, so don’t give up,  you are almost there, you really are, so keep going.