Happy’s Zen Horoscope (27th February – 5th March): Now is the time to reflect

The new moon in Pisces is the perfect time to set some goals.

Slow things down a little and embrace a little introspection.

Review everything that you have learned in the 11 months just passed, look to see how much has or hasn’t changed, and think about how you can use this information to set some intentions to bring your goals or aspirations to fruition in the year ahead.


The world is your oyster, Pisces. This is the timeframe to turn your ideas and dreams into something tangible. Map things out, stay determined, and stick with it till the end. Good week for all things financial, material, and new projects being given the green light. 


Anything that you have experienced in the past has only helped you to realise how strong you are at your core. You get a sense that dreams do come true. So allow yourself in this dreamy timeframe to dream as big as can, knowing that the Universe has got your back.


If you feel a pull for some alone time, go get yourself some. Whether it’s at home or at the office, taking a little time out to rest away from the madding crowd, or working independently this week feels to be just what you need. 


It doesn’t matter how crazy the world outside is, what’s important is that you know how to create certainty and balance within you. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at your surroundings and start there.  You don’t have to go all Kondo, because even a little tidy-up is actually quite calming. 


This reflective timeframe encourages you to think about what isn’t working for you so that you can let it go. Don’t look at it as a loss, but a gain, as it will free yourself up to reshape your life, in the way that you want.


Sometimes you just need more information, even if people around you are clamouring for you to make a decision, well… You may have to wait things out a little longer. But if you feel that you really have to make one, go within, you actually hold all the answers you seek right there. 


If you’ve been trying to get something specific off the ground and you keep running into obstacles, delays or it feels like it never amounts to what you had hoped it would. Maybe you need to step away for a little and give yourself a chance to refocus and replan if need be.


You may have experienced some disappointing news lately, maybe things are changing, or the people around you are changing, leaving, whatever it may be, with you Libra, optimism abounds. Because you know that deep down every cloud has a silver lining. 


Other people are our best teachers, the ones that have come before us, and done things well, like really well. Look to them, for guidance and  for inspiration, to help you to map out a plan so that you can work hard in true Scorpio style in the months ahead.



If you are experiencing any problems within a team environment, chances are there may be a need to implement a new strategy, or system that will ensure the project/job gets over the line. If you need to hit pause, until anew clear plan is laid out, by all means, do so.


Taking a calculated risk or two never hurt anyone, and this is your window to be courageous, and brave enough to step into unknown territories, if it means it can help you to follow through on your dreams and succeed in doing so, step to it.


Sure you may rather avoid some problems, and hope they might go away, but often than not, they don’t. It’s always better to generate a better solution in the moment, even if it is uncomfortable to do so. Look at this as a turning point that will help you to grow and become a better you.