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Happy’s Zen Horoscope (3rd October – 9th October): Restore and Rebalance

On 6 October, the new moon in Libra encourages you to reconnect with your relationships across the board.

Restore and rebalance are in order, which may initially bring about some upheaval. However, this is the perfect time to reevaluate your connections, both personally or professionally, which will help you align with the bigger picture. If you find that some situations no longer fit in with your new ideals, then this is the time to reshape things.

Outdated belief systems are on the way out. Remember, the only constant in life is change. So as you go about bringing equilibrium to your life, things may change accordingly to fit in with this new paradigm. It may have its moments, but where there is a will there’s a way.


There is a quiet power to things this week as you go about your business. There may not be a strong desire to shout from the rooftops, instead, you have found that you are happy to lead from a different place because you know that true strength comes from within.

You know how to get things done without letting others steer you off track, but just a word to the wise – if things get a little out of control, or mistakes happen, then just take it in your stride, because it might be just what was needed in order for things to be done right next time. Especially when it comes to others.


There is a strong sense of personal achievement that will carry you through the week. You may be content to just enjoy a quiet moment with it all, and keep it to yourself. But if part of you wants to share it, but is worried that it may come across as egotistical, then think again, you may just be overthinking it.

Your victories can help to bring a little light and inspiration to those that need it, so share it. And remember, one week invariably turns into the next, and as you well know, it will most likely be quite different from the one that preceded it. So enjoy and celebrate your successes while you can.


This is a good week for listening, and providing others with a safe space to talk. You may find the people in your life will gravitate towards you for comfort, a kind word, or just a shoulder to cry on. Whatever the case may be Saggiatarius, if they need a little help problem solving, or assessing things, you’ve got their backs.

You have a lot of sound advice, you know how to make sense of some things when others can’t. So turn on your listening ears, and advise away. And remember, there is a beautiful gift when you listen and when you are present, as listening automatically makes you forget all about your own problems. Which is kind of like a double gift.


Compromise baby, this week is all about compromise, and not the kind of compromise you are thinking of where you have to meet someone else halfway. Sure there are times for that, but this week is about compromising yourself and your own personal truths.

If it goes against your grain, then don’t give in to it, because doing something just to make someone else happy, or doing something just to gain approval from others, or extra likes – especially if it means going against your truth – will never work out the way that you wanted it to, it just never does, so keep that in mind.


There is a real sense of achievement to date, because you’ve done a lot, and you’ve worked hard. Be mindful, that sometimes, when things have been going great, you might think that you don’t need to keep trying anymore.

By all means, enjoy the moment, but also remember that you know better, because everything is in a state of change. You know that there are still things to aim for. So don’t let complacency set in, there are still too many adventures out there waiting for you.


Sometimes there are moments when you just can’t hear yourself think. When there are too many voices, pulling you this way or that – whether it be from those around you, or simply your own noisy indecisive mind jumping all over the place – you need to step away and embrace a little quiet time.

Trust that with a little inner silence, and a meditative approach, you will be able to hear your own inner voice with greater clarity.  You hold all of the answers to the questions you seek, sometimes you just need to quieten things down so that you can hear them.


Tap into your nurturing creative side. This is not just for the artists among us, because true creativity at its essence is in everything that we do. It’s all in the approach.

Whatever you turn your attention to this week – whether it is a favored artistic outlet, making your space at home or at the office more comfortable, or spending time with the people in your life – being extra attentive, and extra loving is encouraged.


Stay focused Taurus. You are up and running at the moment with a new set of beliefs, things have changed, and you may find that now is the time to make sure that what you’re working towards is still in alignment with your newfound ideals.

Sometimes it’s easy to fall back into old habits because it seems easier, but keep going. Because the proof is in the pudding – or so the saying goes – and you’ll find, with your determination and work ethic, that you can accomplish much more at a faster rate than you usually would.


If you’ve made any mistakes lately, now might is the time to own up to them. Don’t be unwilling to accept responsibility, even if ducking and running for cover feels like the easier option. Look past any fears, and assess the situation with honesty.

As soon as you accept responsibility, the sooner you can turn things around and make better decisions if there is a next time. If you don’t learn from your mistakes now, there will probably be a next time, so be willing to own it when it comes back around – it’s very empowering.


Time for a rebalance Cancer. Taken too much on lately, feeling worn out or a little exhausted? Then this is the time to stop and rebalance.

Look to see what requires priority, and what doesn’t, and adjust accordingly. This may mean dropping some things temporarily or maybe altogether if it means that you can get what needs doing over the line, and still have the time for a little R and R when you need it.


There is no time like the present. So what are you waiting for?

Maybe you are over-investing in work to the point that you are not taking the time to stop and have some fun along the way. Whatever it is that is stopping you from creating more balance in your life, now is the time to look at ways to see how you can bring more time/space into your daily routines.

Accommodate for the things you consider to be fun, your creative needs, your hobbies, or just lying around and looking at the ceiling. Whatever it is, make sure you make time for it… like now, stop putting it off!


Life can be full of tricky decisions, especially when you can see both sides of the coin. In these times, it’s useful to take a quiet moment to weigh up the pros and the cons, to deliberate with your heart and your mind equally.

Keep in mind that delaying only makes it all the harder, so sometimes it’s just better to choose. At least this way you’ll know how you really feel, and if it feels like a mistake, well, hopefully, you can change your mind afterward. Either way, at least you’ll have made a decision, and that’s a load off in itself.