Happy’s Zen Horoscope (6th March - 12th March): Focus on your relationships

Happy’s Zen Horoscope (6th March – 12th March): Focus on your relationships

It’s a great week for relationships, new and old.

If you feel the pull to widen your social circle, move towards whatever intrigues you because this season benefits from a little experimentation.

Be innovative and free in your approach, as long as it’s genuine, you can’t go wrong. Embrace a little unconventionality and independence in established relationships, this will help to shake or refresh things up a little. Be the best of friends, be the best human you can be, allow yourself and the people in your life the liberty to be openly expressive without criticism or judgment. Most of all be you. 


This can be a personally transformative timeframe for you if you allow any upheaval you experience to pave the way for something new. Don’t be afraid to call into question your current set of beliefs, or your purpose. Instigate change, so that you can step towards a new and improved version of yourself.


You may find yourself gravitating towards new people at this time, maybe you admire certain traits about them, maybe you want to be like them. These qualities are within you, so step forward and shine. Self-love, and self-care, are all about stepping up and being the best version of yourself that you can be. 


This timeframe is all about listening to your heart, so when it comes to others wanting to put on their two cents, don’t pay any heed, not this week anyway. Only you really know what is the correct path for you, and that knowledge can only come from within, so dig deep, you will know what to do. 


No matter where you go, or what you do, your positive good vibes will go with you and pave the way for more sunshine and happiness to follow. Through experience, you have gained a lot of wisdom, this puts you in the perfect position to really shine your love on those that you care about. 


Romance is a highlight this week. Be kind, be caring, and if you feel like writing a poem, set to it. If you are inspired creatively, be open to exploring any ideas you have, to turn them into something tangible. In this early stage, across the board, lead with your heart. 


Patience is a virtue, or so I’m told, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but here we are. You already know what it takes to set things up for the future, at this stage, it’s not about short-term wins or gains because your eye is on the prize for the long term. It may seem like some targets are a way off, but it will be rewarding, I promise. 


Self-care and self-love mean this week is all about maintaining independence within your relationships. If you’ve been feeling a little co-dependent lately, go out of your way to create a healthy detachment, bring about balance, and do something that encourages you to nurture yourself in any areas personally or professionally that you may have let slide.


You may benefit from creating some me time, especially if the opportunities to create are constantly being disrupted, or continually being put on hold. Dreams are important, don’t forget that, so prioritise time before you start to feel a little grumpy with it all, and extend a little more love to the areas that you dream about the most. 


Self-awareness is a beautiful thing, it’s kind of like once you lift the veil on yourself, there really is no going back. So make your decisions based on this knowledge, and on your values. Set your goals, and get to it. Knowing you Scorpio, you are already on your way, so stay disciplined, stay focused, and you will achieve your goals.  No doubt about it. 


If you feel a pull towards something new, this is your green light to head towards it. To get the ball rolling, start with the fundamentals. Chances are this isn’t your first time around the track, so you know what to do. Even if you change things around a little further on, what matters now, is that you start the process. 


You are on a mission, no doubt fuelled by ambition and the drive to succeed. At this time, you may benefit from a gentle reminder, to not sit by and wait for things to happen, to be assertive, speak up, and take action and the steps necessary to turn your dreams into reality. 


Adventure awaits.  Nice week to start a new job or a new project. No doubt it will require you to up-skill. But you’ve got the smarts to learn anything at any time. If there ever was a week for discovering something new, about yourself or about your world in general, especially upon starting something new, this is it.