Happy’s Zen Horoscope (9th May – 15th May): Relax, put your feet up, and embrace the damn chaos

Welcome in some much needed self-sustaining stability with the New Moon in Taurus on the 11th. Use this time to treat yourself, make a relaxing plan for the weekend, put your feet up and if you feel like it, binge watch your favourite show.

At the tail end of the week, Jupiter enters Pisces, so expect a subtle spiritual shift, maybe indulge in a little fantasy and dream about what you want to bring into your life whilst you are chilling.

There is a nice flow to the week.  If you can get into it, it’s time for a bit of gear change, which means slowing down a little. Do what’s pleasurable, take 5 minutes out to do absolutely nothing if that’s what you feel, because there’s nothing to feel guilty about– it’s perfectly aligned with the stars. Sometimes you need a bit of downtime, it gives you a chance to ponder, to dream a little, and that’s just where the latter part of the week is taking you. So put your feet up, sit back and enjoy the ride.



Keep an eye on self-nurturing, and you should be just fine, don’t do anything that will potentially rock your boat this week, avoid it like you’re avoiding the in-laws. Do put your feet up, and do get as ordinary as you can, because there are a lot of pleasures to be had in the simple things, and you really feel to appreciate that this week. So no to noise, but yes to keeping things quiet. Give yourself some much time out, pamper yourself.  Your mind and your body will love you for it. 


Nice week for sharing, in a laid back kind of way, not sharing things per se, more like sharing of yourself, your love, your time, your energy. Because there is a new thought arising this week, that maybe money doesn’t buy happiness, but happiness buys happiness, and that is best achieved by spending some time with your loved ones, hell maybe even your mum, because life is short, you may as well spend it hanging out with the people that you love and that love you the most in this world. 


This is a good week for thinking about your long term goals, the kind of goals that are more aligned than ever before with your heart and your passion. You already have a good feel for what you want, so now it’s about putting it down on paper, or mapping it out in your mind in such a  way that it’s ready for when you are ready. Use this time to put in the groundwork to make sure that you are prepared for any potential challenges that you may come up against on the way.  So any move you make should be in preparation for this, carefully, planning and plotting it all out.


We all know what happens when a Leo gets dreamy – they turn on the tap of their creativity, so turn it on baby, and let it take you somewhere great. Because this is a  great week to feel the burgeoning creativity of starting something new. Begin the process right, and you can’t go wrong, if you start out with a love of it, just for the love it, it will get you exactly where you are meant to go.  And maybe you’ll make some money a bit further on down the line, but that is something different, and that’s not what this week is about. 


A sigh of relief as things calm down around you. Take this opportunity to relax and unwind. And remember, that if things have changed, it’s because they needed to, so use this timeframe to see how you can work with the changes.  It’s important not to look to others to see how they do things, but to look towards yourself to do things in your own unique way. Because you will have a new way of looking at things, and you can’t go backwards, only forwards, so enjoy the new outlook, as different as it may be. 


It’s important to find a healthy outlet, a way to destress, relax and unwind. Just as importantly, it’s crucial that you do it in your own unique way. Because life can be a lonely bumpy road at the best of times, and you aren’t always going to be surrounded by like-minded individuals that share your beliefs, but you already feel to know that.  So what is this week about then? Destressing, relaxing, and letting your mind drift to places from the great beyond. Embrace some space, and keep fostering your spiritual connection by taking responsibility for what it means to walk to the beat of your own drum. 


Nice week to think about wrapping some things up, chances are you are sorry to see some things, and there may be a part of you that is a bit reluctant. Do you, don’t you? Your mind is probably very busy overthinking every little thing. So do yourself a big favour and take a deep breath. And remember,  you have to close one door to open another, so use this timeframe to give thanks for everything that has come to pass up until now so that you can allow the space to mentally prepare for what comes next. 


You know what you want, now you just need to recentre and collect yourself so that you can get on with it. Chances are you had to compromise a bit – that’s ok, nothing wrong with meeting others halfway if the situation calls for it. Just don’t get bogged down with thoughts of any unnecessary burdens that you think you may have to take on in the process. Because chances are these burdens only exist in your mind, so get clear about what’s real. Give yourself a moment, take a deep breath, and when you breathe out, feel yourself settle into the very centre of your being, and when you know you are clear, get going. 


You have goals, you have ambitions. Sometimes you are offered less than you were expecting, probably you were even hoping for even more. Whatever it may be, it feels important this week to not resist the flow of what the universe is offering up. Even if it’s not exactly what you wanted because it may well lead you to what you do want, and it could well end up being an integral part of the process of getting you there. But if you feel like you can’t say yes to it, it’s OK to hold off a bit, meditate, and give yourself a little time. 


Potential to be hypercritical this week, especially when it comes to any of your passion projects. You might feel that this is not good enough, that is not good enough, but whatever you do, don’t be too tough on anyone, Aquarians, it may only invite conflict into your sphere, and you don’t want that. Be on the lookout for haste, scattered energy, delays, or frustration. Counterbalance as best you can by taking a cue out of Taurus’s book, putting your feet up, and planning something that you know will relax you. Make a tea and binge on one of your fav shows. That’ll do the trick. 


If anyone is going to make the most out of the latter part of the week, Pisces, it’ll be you. You dreamy little thing. There is a chance that you are going to come up against some of your demons, you know, pessimism, maybe a little moodiness might creep in, especially if you feel a bit lonely, or if you aren’t being heard in the way that you’d like to be.  So if you feel like escaping into a wonderland of your own making, so be it. You may as well enjoy yourself. Because you have your own way to process things, and you will find that by the weekend, you will feel Ok about things. 


Patience is a virtue, or so you’ve heard it told. Practising it something else, am I right, Aries? So this week, heed the advice of the stars and don’t worry if things are a little out of your control – sometimes it may be just what you need, because sometimes even you need a break. It wouldn’t kill you to loosen up a bit, you know you need it. So chill out already, everything will still be OK even if you’re not lording over it the way that you think you need to. You have more than set yourself up for success, and sometimes you just need to be a little more patient.