Rayre is the storyteller that explodes in his colourful tunes

Bay-Area bred rapper, Rayre, paints an intricately vivid picture of life’s hidden loops with his new single, Karma. 

Tacoma based rapper Rayre, delves into his music with a high energy and low guard in new single Karma

The track is flickered with soulful jazz tones, intimately uncovering Rayre’s self worth and aspirations through his encapsulating lyrics.


Rayre ripples the impact of one’s choices with his echoed vocals – lingering and flowing as each sentence layers on top of the next. His intensely hypnotic vocals are brought to life through the electronic rhythm, carrying through the whole tune – looping like the connected circles on the album cover.

The artist paints a vivid soundscape dripping with symbolic dreams and life lessons; “I always know the way it’s gonna go… everything goes in cycles” he raps. Grounding in his calm control of the tune, Rayre sways to the beat, flowing with the melody of the dreamy electric guitar. The artist lingers in religious imagery; “Angel I never listen/devil pitching his vision”. Rayre alludes that the references are a consciously grounding decision to magnify the idea of good versus evil; “there’s also the idea that some people have sold their soul to the devil for their fame and fortunes” he explains.


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The artist simply takes control of his life, and this notion is saturated through Karma – preaching in the final verse about freeing oneself from the chains of toxic relationships; “Better or for worse and that’s my word/reflect the energy that I incur/send it back a hundred fold or worse”. 


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Rayre magnifies positive energy, easily heard through the rhythm of Karma, and echoing long after the track ends. His ability to tell a story through his lyrics and the looping beat is colour-bursting and hypnotic. Rayre has solidified himself as a rapper oozing with talent and exploding with passion and ambition.

Check out Karma below: