Cousin of Queen Elizabeth exposed as a potential ‘Russian asset’

Cousin of Queen Elizabeth exposed as a potential ‘Russian asset’

Prince Michael of Kent has been accused of using his royal status to set up business relations with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

The British royal family are back with yet another scandal.

This time, an undercover investigation found the cousin of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Michael of Kent, using his royal status for personal gain, and attempting to set up ‘special’ relations with Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

A team of investigative reporters from the Sunday Times and Channel 4 posed as the investors of a fake South Korean gold company, ‘House of Haedong’, whose goal was to set up business connections with the Kremlin.

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Image: Fortune

While undercover, the reporters offered the royal £50,000 (AUD 89,054) for a business trip and £143,000 (AUD 254,6970) to namedrop ‘House of Haedong’ in a recorded endorsement with Kensington Palace in the background.

Furthermore, 78-year-old Prince Michael’s business partner, Lord Simon Reading, was also involved in the undercover operations.

Reportedly, the business-savvy Lord Reading told the undercover reporters that Prince Michael would be willing to represent ‘House of Haedong’ in personal meetings with Putin.

“If he (Prince Michael) is representing the House of Haedong, he could mention that to Putin and Putin would find the right person who is interested in South Korea or interested in gold,” Lord Reading allegedly claimed during the operation.

“It just opens the door, you know, which is so helpful.”

Later on, Lord Reading stressed the importance of discretion in their meeting by stating: “I think, if I can say this, this is kind of slightly discreet, we’re talking relatively discreetly here … Because we wouldn’t want the world to know that he is seeing Putin purely for business reasons, if you follow me.”

Needless to say, it’s a bad look for a Royal family member to be doin’ shady deals as a side hustle.

It’s an even worse look when those shady deals involve Putin, whose most recent scandal involves an extremely questionable constitutional referendum, allowing him to potentially stay in power till 2036. 

In the wake of the allegations, the prince’s team have issued a statement saying that Prince Michael “has no special relationship with President Putin”. The statement stressed that both men last met over a decade ago in 2003 and that the prince is financially independent. “[Prince Michael] earns his own living through a consultancy company that he has run for over 40 years.”

Lord Reading has also responded to the controversy, saying that he was “regretful” for trying to set up the “slightly discreet” business deal.

“I thought the approach from the House of Haedong was genuine and I was only trying to facilitate an introduction to my friend Prince Michael,” Lord Reading said. “I made a mistake and over-promised and for that, I am truly regretful.”