Happy’s Zen Horoscope (April 12th – April 18th): Manifest your intentions, trim the fat, take the reins

Time to let the new moon in Aries take charge. Keep your intention strong, check your notes and your lists, and manifest away.

The new moon, also known as the dark moon, has come at us on the 11th of April. The moon’s shadow is facing the earth, making it appear practically invisible. This timeframe is perfect for new beginnings and fresh starts – kind of like a clean slate.

So dig deep, listen to what your heart wants, and make some new plans. Muse over a list or two, put a line through what you don’t want anymore, put a big bad circle around what you do, and really define for yourself what is possible at this time.

April 14th also sees Venus moving into Taurus, so if you want to improve your romantic connections, this is a good time to do it. If you want to make more money, ditto, map it out and get going.


Decisions, decisions. Do you keep going? Do you stop? Sometimes a list of pros and cons really doesn’t help. Whatever it is that you have been working on might be taking longer than you may have planned, and sometimes when there is a lack of progress or a delay, it will make you wonder if it’s worth it.

Indecision may rule this week Aries, so to make things easier for yourself, follow your heart. And if you can’t find it for whatever reason, just choose – at least that way you’ll know how you really feel.


Decisions abound this week as you focus on what’s needed to improve things. This may mean making some tough choices that affect someone that you love. As you go about changing things, making plans, etc, for balance, try to stay in touch with the feminine energies within you.

We are all made up of feminine and masculine energies, and there are times when an adjustment is needed on either side of the scale to rebalance things, and at this time dear Taurus, be open-minded and kindhearted, and let your heart guide you forward.


It’s a valuable week for a bit of a wake-up call. So as you go about evaluating your life and listing the pros and cons of what makes you happy, you may realise that there are few things that you may need to work on personally.

Maybe you need to get out more, maybe you need to go out less, maybe you need to make more of an effort; buy your girl some flowers, get your game on. Anything that raises your self-awareness and helps you to really get to know yourself and be a better person is a wonderful thing, it really is.


Doing things is actually hard – we know that you get this, because sometimes you think about giving up before even trying. So this week Cancer, before you get all moody and irrational about the mere thought of starting anything new, take a big deep breath and chill the fuck out.

Whatever it is that you need to get done, sit down and break it into steps, then take it literally one step at a time, and don’t even think about starting the next step until the one before it is completed fully. Got it? Yes, you got this.


This is a great week for a creative clean slate of sorts, a big clean up of what you want to work on. Create the space, the time, and tap into the essence of true creativity – you know, the kind that is for the love, not the money. And if it makes money, then awesome!

So whatever you are into Leos – painting, singing, planting, or dancing –the important thing to remember is to be open to what wants to be expressed through you. That way it becomes a joy for you and a blessing to others.


New plans sometimes require new measures, and this week is about preparing what you need to in order to live your life to the fullest. This will require you to really push yourself, and it won’t be without its challenges.

So whatever is going to test you this week, you will really need to put on your big girl pants and rise to the occasion to get things done. Don’t let fear stand in your way, be brave, even if for the most part you are faking it. It will help you get what you need done.


Don’t put things off. You know you have a terrible habit of postponing things, saying things like “my schedule is hectic”, or maybe you tell yourself that tomorrow is a better day. But no. No it’s not, tomorrow is not a better day, today is, and the only way to feel complete is to complete things, and you of all people know this.

So forget about any ‘what ifs’, forget all about them all, stop procrastinating, stop delaying, and get going. Make that project happen, get yourself some ‘me’ time to achieve what you want to do. Do it now.


You are brave, you are loyal, you are ambitious – use these strengths this week Scorpio, because they will be in demand. On a professional level you are going to step up, on your terms, in your own unique way – sure you might rub a few people the wrong way as you go about achieving your goals this week, but that’s not important because you know your truth, and you know how to live in accordance with it.

Advice: let logic rule and tuck your emotions away this week, just to get things done.


Reflection, silence, and a meditative approach are needed this week. So go out of your way to sit quietly with yourself to really get a sense of what you want to achieve.

Because knowing you, it’s something big, and is something super creative, and no doubt there will a lot of naysayers saying “no, you can’t do that”, but you know that you can. So take some time out to sit with it, to get a feel for it, so that when you are ready, you can do it.


You already know what you want. Sometimes it’s just a matter of having more trust in yourself because you already have everything you need in order to be successful, but sometimes you let your own doubt or fear get in the way.

Use this week, dear Capricorns, to rebalance your energies, to take control in a way that gives you complete autonomy in whatever it is that you feel may be lacking; your career, your relationships, or just to bring a certain quality to your life in general that you require for happiness.



You have had a good run lately Aquarians, but remember the saying: ‘the buck stops here’. In true Truman style, this is a good week to take a look at your past achievements, to reflect on what you could do better next time, because there is more to do yet.

In order to do so as wholesomely as possible, it’s important from time to time to take full responsibility for how you may have handled things up to now – not just the good things that worked out, but most importantly, the things that didn’t.



It’s a great week for celebrating with your friends, Pisces. Maybe some spontaneous outdoors picnics, maybe some reunions, maybe some parties or some get-togethers. Hell, throw a sleepover party for good measures. All long overdue thanks to you know who.

So enjoy this week; look to mother nature to lead the way, drop your anxiety and let your hair down, be a little silly if you feel like, and be a little wise, because the right combination of the two will make you a buddha.