Heleina Zara unveils the captivating music video for her new track Quietly

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Heleina Zara‘s unique brand of pop music is a hypnotic blend of raw, heartfelt lyricism and effortlessly sweet vocals, that will draw you in and pull on your heartstrings.

With the release of her third original single Quietly, Zara establishes herself as one to watch in the Sydney music scene, a budding female pop songstress with powerful stories to tell.

Heleina Zara

Heleina Zara releases the poignant, captivating music video for her single Quietly, an emotional journey that addresses the importance of mental health.

Heleina Zara is an 18-year-old rising independent artist, quickly making her mark on the Sydney pop scene as she flourishes in her already notable surroundings. As an Australian with Filipino heritage, she draws upon her rich cultural background and everyday experiences to bring her music to life.

In her new track Quietly, Heleina untangles messy thoughts that she struggled to express through years of letting anxiety get the best of her. It’s as emotional and poignant as it is spellbinding and graceful. The lyrics have a genuine feel to them, they’re raw and heartfelt. At it’s core, this track is emotionally honest. Her lyrics address the pretty difficult-to-understand emotions and numbness that can come with mental illness, in particular anxiety, as well as the destructive tendencies that often follow.

The music video, directed by Daniel Sabouné perfectly captures the feelings of confusion and loneliness that Heleina evokes as she sings about struggling to come to terms with her thoughts, and struggling to open up to others, singing “wish I could open up my mind/wish I could know the reasons why/wish I could spill my thoughts like red wine/ but instead they’re like parasites.” 

The simplicity of the video is gorgeous, as it flicks between scenes of Heleina in different parts of her house, feeling trapped, depicting the very real feelings of paralysis, restlessness, and numbness that can come with anxiety and other mental illness.

Heleina Zara is set to release her forthcoming debut EP LESSONS on the 18th of September, with tracks that will further affirm her strong advocacy for mental health, while promoting resilience, compassion, and self-love. If this single is anything to go by, it’s sure to be one to look out for. In the meantime, check out the music video for Quietly above.