Feeling helpless about Ukraine? Here are some creative ways you can assist those in need

From buying art on Etsy, to booking Airbnbs with no intention of staying, here’s how people are supporting Ukraine.

Around the world, people are turning to Airbnb to financially assist the people of Ukraine as they fight off Russia’s invasion.

With no intention of travelling there, many people are booking stays at Ukrainian Airbnbs to assist struggling residents.

Credit: Getty Images

It’s a touching gesture, but not everybody in Ukraine owns a property listed on Airbnb. So here are some other ways you can help.

A man in Russia has developed a website called, to help Ukrainians find shelter by connecting refugees with homeowners in Georgia who are willing to house them. The website is accepting donations that will be used to provide hot lunches, clothing, and shoes.

Others are jumping on Etsy to buy hand-made items from Ukrainian artists, without the expectation of receiving the goods. The American-based marketplace announced that they will be waiving any balances for Ukrainian sellers “to alleviate some of the burden”.

Alternatively, you can donate to a charity that is verified to help citizens of Ukraine, such as UNICEF, Project C.U.R.E, Razom for Ukraine, or the International Rescue Committee, among others.

Naturally, people are finding ways to use cryptocurrency to help Ukraine, donating bitcoin and other digital tokens to the Ukrainian government, who now have a crypto wallet worth more than $13 million.

NFTs have proved to be a valuable source of income too. Notably, Russian punk band Pussy Riot have been auctioning NFTs of the Ukrainian flag to raise money for the government’s defence effort.