Henka shares her ultimate playlist of “heartbreak songs” and tracks that “make any grown man cry”

Spanning “the best bands in the world” and artists that “dare to be different”, Henka’s go-to playlist is as eclectic as the musician herself. 

With just two singles to her name, Henka is equipped with a confidence and sonic vision seemingly more suited to an artist ten years her senior. So assured are her recent releases that they could seamlessly form the tracklists of anyone from rockers Nine Inch Nails to experimentalist Bjork, with the pop-leaning aesthetics of Halsey

The stage moniker for musician Cat Pereira, Henka has already made a name for herself, bursting onto the scene with a magnetic sound matched by her visuals and stage presence. Inspired by martial arts, Henka’s latest single Fading Out was accompanied by a brooding music video that musters all the aesthetics of Blade Runner and Kill Bill combined. “Music and visuals always go together,” Henka told Happy Mag in an interview.

Henka press image
Credit: Henka/Instagram

“They’re great components by themselves, but matched together, it’s a powerful concoction.” Though her sound defies easy classification, Henka shines best among dark synths and metal rock, with the electric hyper pop of Fading Out serving as a spiritual cousin of Charli XCX. As the starry list of mentioned names suggests, Henka has assembled diverse influences, a sonic palette reflected in the UK singer’s go-to playlist.    

Traversing pure pop, metal rock, and rhythmic guitar, Henka’s playlist is befitting of a musician whose work knows no bounds. Below, the singer lists off her ultimate songs, from quintessential “heartbreak songs” to tracks that “make any grown man cry.” See the complete run-through of Henka’s curated playlist below, and scroll down to listen to her new single Fading Out.    

Deftones — Diamond Eyes

I truly believe they are one of the best bands in the world. There’s nothing they don’t do that leaves me floored. This song and this album, in particular, is hugely inspirational, it takes you on a journey with its different layers and that’s what I love about it.

Bjork — Joga

Probably one of my biggest artist inspirations. Everything that Bjork does is so innovative and original and she dares to be different. For this track in particular, she actively recorded volcanic eruption sounds and that’s what you hear on the beats. It’s brilliant! She inspires me a lot when it comes to melodies and lyrics, and encourages me to write with more feeling without feeling judged for my words.

Karnivool — New Day

This band is just amazing, they smash it every single time, and this song live makes any grown man cry. It’s yet another song that takes you on a journey.

Henka 'Fading Out' single
Credit: Henka/YouTube

Halsey — You Should Be Sad

I had to add a ‘heartbreak song’ to this playlist because why not? This song really got me in the feels and the lyrics hit me pretty hard. Halsey is one of the most innovative artists of our current time and gives nowadays pop music a very original vibe.

Izzy Hale feat. Apocalyptica — Don’t Talk To Me

I love this collaboration, Apocalyptica smashes it every time and Izzy Hale’s voice makes a great combination and relatable and direct lyrics.

Banks — Gemini Feed

The production on this is incredible, the beats are so original and so well put together. Her voice showcases so much vulnerability which makes her songs so relatable.

Henka Press shot
Credit: Henka/Instagram

Linkin Park — Somewhere I Belong

This track brings back so much nostalgia. Even though ‘Hybrid Theory’ is iconic, I personally adore ‘Meteora’ and this song in particular brings back a lot of memories of simpler days. There’s nothing else to say, it’s freakin Linkin Park!

Bad Omens — Artificial Suicide

I added this track on my Spotify to a playlist I created called ‘Villain Era 2023’…pretty self-explanatory haha! They’re such a great band and this song hits me in all the good places. Just filthy breakdown after filthy breakdown!

Pendulum — Witchcraft

Probably my favourite Pendulum track. I mean they’re just great! The whole production, melodies, lyrics, the whole thing! They’re the perfect example of how musical genres fuse together perfectly.


30 seconds to Mars — Beautiful Lie

I loved this first album era, this whole album brings so much nostalgia to the good old emo days. This song in particular I remember when the music video came out and it was shot in the arctic and I thought that was so cool and outside the box. Their videos inspired me to go above and beyond with my music.

Nine Inch Nails — Hand That Feeds

If we’re talking about genre-bending, this is the band to talk about. The electronic influences, synthesisers, rock and punk, it’s all there! such an iconic song!