A brief history of Tom Hanks’ amazing interactions with fans

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks is renowned as a leading face of contemporary American film. From Forrest Gump to Toy Story, Hanks is a household name and his obvious talent for acting and directing is indisputable.

But he may also be the coolest actor in Hollywood… here is a brief history of Hanks’ brilliant interactions with fans.

We’ve made a collection of the best fan interactions with Tom Hanks and it won’t disappoint.

Described as being one of the most humble, warm, and down-to-earth celebs of all time – such has been attributed to Hanks’ sometimes turbulent childhood and working-class family upbringing.

Unlike many other celebrities who are born into money and fame, Hanks describes his struggles with loneliness after his parents’ divorce as a young boy. Yet, the 63-year-old actor has established an impressive career and has collected an even more enthusiastic fan-base along the way.

Some of those who have been fortunate enough to meet the actor in real life have described their experiences of meeting Hanks – and he lives up to the hype.

Here are our top three favourite fan/ Tom Hanks stories to give you even more reason to love Tom Hanks.

1. He was caught in the middle of a wedding photo shoot, took a selfie with the bride and groom, and then posted it to his Twitter account wishing them the best:

2. He found a phone (which he later returned). The owner of the phone later found a number of selfies on her camera roll of Hanks. This is one of them:

3. A fan requested to pose together for a ‘drunk’ photoshoot in the middle of a family dinner. The fan used Hanks’ glasses as a prop for the photo opportunity:

So there you have it, just a few more reasons to love the legend that is Tom Hanks!