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Here are the most terrifyingly spectacular photos from the Notre Dame fire

By News

Notre Dame, the centuries-old cathedral in Paris, has erupted into flames, leaving passersby horrified at the transpiring scene.

It’s still unclear what started the fire, but it has been reported that the cathedral’s iconic spire was the first thing to catch fire. The whole spire has since collapsed entirely.

The centuries-old Paris Cathedral Notre Dame has erupted in flames. Here are some of the most terrifying and stunning photos.

The cathedral’s wooden roof has also been destroyed by the flames, but it appears its facade and bell towers appear to be safe.

French President Emmanuel Macron has addressed the fire, saying: “The worst has been avoided, even if the battle has not yet been won.

Macron also plans to launch a national fundraising campaign, aiming to rebuild the cathedral, and has called on the international community to help.

I’m telling you all tonight — we will rebuild this cathedral together.

See photos of the fire below:


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April 16, 2019