Here's what went down at our Needle In The Hay Finalists' Party!

Here’s what went down at our Needle In The Hay Finalists’ Party!

Last week we crashed into Oxford Art Factory’s main room for a party celebrating Needle In The Hay, our own little vinyl competition.

Inviting a score of past finalists including RACKETT, Rosa Maria, Annie Hamilton, Tuppaware Party, Raindrop and SOOK, it was a lineup to be proud of. And of course, every band rocked it.

rosa maria needle in the hay finalists' party
All photos: Dani Hansen

Missed out on our Needle In The Hay Finalists’ Party? Here’s a little slice of what went down at Oxford Art Factory last week.

Waltzing in first was SOOK, who as per usual presented a dynamic blend of righteous punk, live poetry, and cheeky banter. They tore through their set with rigour, finishing up with their dynamite debut single I’m Not Your Woman.

Following SOOK was something far more mellow, the vaporised sounds of Raindrop. Sliding into their set with a number of delish cuts from upcoming album Mild Meltdowns, they made Oxford Art Factory feel like another world altogether.

Next up were Tuppaware Party. Taking the stage with the confidence we’ve come to expect from this band, they weaved tale after glimmering dream-pop tale before the eyes of an entranced crowd.

Annie Hamilton was up next, fresh off the release of her debut single Fade. For the act’s second ever live show, their set hit all the right notes and then some – believe us when we say you’ll be hearing much more from this camp.

Second-to-last were Sydney’s rising banditos Rosa Maria, who in thirty minutes pretty much turned our party into their party. Cut after cut of throwback garage rock was broadcast fiercely to a loving crowd, who quickly became a tangle of limbs dancing to the tune of Rosa Maria.

Closing the night with rock ‘n’ roll prestige, RACKETT did not disappoint. Snarling riffs, dynamic hooks, and the kind of energy you can’t help latching onto dominated the set, and by the time they finished we were all panting for breath.

Thanks to all those who came, to the bands that played, and to Oxford Art Factory for a killer night.

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