LISTEN: Hiatus Kaiyote's new single, 'Chivalry Is Not Dead'

LISTEN: Hiatus Kaiyote’s new single, ‘Chivalry Is Not Dead’

Melbourne-based wonder group, Hiatus Kaiyote bring music to its knees with their new single Chivalry Is Not Dead – a ketamine-fuelled wonderland, devoted to the mating rituals of leopard slugs, and seahorses.

Whether it’s about ‘turning fluorescent’ or ‘locking tails and dancing’, there’s a bubbly evolution to Chivalry Is Not Dead that can’t be missed.

Created by the group’s singer, Nai Palm, to subvert the traditional radio hit – Chivalry Is Not Dead hits the mark of a classic single. It’s about sex, and only clocks in at the 3:30 mark.

However, that’s about all that Chivalry Is Not Dead has in common with any radio hit you’ve heard. So, give it a listen below!