High-tails – Terrible Day

Like clowns making complete fools of themselves and enduring pain for our entertainment, High-Tails put themselves in the firing line  to help make your shitty day a little less shitty. I don’t know whether to laugh, cringe, or cry, but I am certain that by the end of the song you will feel something good come out of a rather ‘sticky’, ‘spicy’ and  ‘painful’ situation. How’s your faces holding up fellows? You good? We just love how crazy and loveable you guys are!

Warning: cake-lovers, meat-lovers, spam-lovers (the meat kind, no one likes the other kind) and others may find the following content offensive.

high tails

You can’t help but smile at High-tails latest song, which now has a new video!- awesome lazy pop/rock from a band who set the bar higher each time.

Terrible Day  is not as moppy and depressing as the name sounds, it’s from the complete opposite side of the emotional spectrum. So who is High-tails? There’s Nicholas Griffith (vocals, guitar), Samuel Mason (guitar), Felix Colman (bass) and Toby Davis  (drums)- they’re four childhood friends from Wagga Wagga…what a great story to tell the kids one day – how they met, their first gig together, when they made it official. We hear you guys like cheese with your cheesy wordplay in this song, so hopefully you appreciated our cheesy overloaded comment. 

Terrible day  is another perfect showcase of Nicholas’s smooth and reassuring vocals, which is backed by this tough rawness he holds onto, giving him that edge. The multitude of echoey guitar lines and catchy riffs share centre stage with this track’s vocals- every element of the song is too good to not get a mention in being fucking brilliant. There are so many different guitars sounds, which each represents various rock genres – shoe-gaze, indie rock, dream pop…it works so well!

Their EP Sipping Tea To Make Music To Sip Tea To (must’ve been inspired while sipping tea…I wonder what kind of tea) is to be released on 3rd October on CD/Digital on Stop Start.

The boys are launching their debut EP at GoodGod Small Club. Details you need to know, below!

Saturday, 11th OctGoodgod Small Club, Syd

w/ The Lulu Raes, Flowertruck