Hilarious footage of British Marines tripping on LSD has been unearthed

In 1964 a squad of British Marines were drugged with LSD as part of a bizarre military experiment. The original footage has surfaced and it’s both a concerning and hilarious watch. Mostly hilarious.

70 minutes into the experiment one man decided to climb a tree as his Troop Commander stated “I cannot control the men and I can take no action myself”, before he falls over with laughter. We’ve all been there, matey.

The exercise conducted saw British Marines unknowingly being given water laced with LSD then sent out into field conditions.

The video shows the clear effects of LSD taking control over the marines as they begin to giggle and lounge around under the trees.

Radio communication was described as “difficult, if not impossible“, while one marine swung his headphones around a tree to the amusement of another.

It’s a shame we can’t hear what they’re talking about as I’m sure the jibberish would have been five stars. Comments on Youtube included “let’s give LSD to a bunch of people with guns and see what happens.” 

Porton Down Chemical Weapons Research Establishment eventually concluded the experiment was a failure. Which is funny enough, given that we consider it a complete success.

Need a chuckle? Watch below.