Hockey Dad reveal the stories behind their favourite surf films and horror movies

Have you seen the new Hockey Dad video for So Tired yet? It’s like the perfect opening scene for a teenage horror movie, only with the carefree edge of a surf film. The whole thing is damn confusing, kind of morbid and melancholy, but also super fun – pretty much the perfect visual representation of the duo.

There’s plenty of babe action, but the clip is all about that cross section of horror-meets-surf-film that has us watching multiple times. To get an insight to the inspiration behind the making of the clip (alongside mad genius surf film director Dav Fox), we asked Zach and Billy to tell us some stories about their surf and horror favourites.

Halycon Drive

In light of the new clip for their latest single So Tired, we asked Hockey Dad to reveal some stories behind their favourite surf film and horror movies.

Surf Films

Endless Summer 2 

This was our first love of surf movies. Zach used to take his copy of it everywhere with him and watched it that much the tape fizzed out.

Nix Nic Nooley

An absolute cracker of a film for our generation. Heaps of mates are involved with it so it’s sick to watch. Cregan’s productions are class, just look at how he holds himself up in Skegss…

September Sessions

This one’s a solid throw back to grommy days. Real good cinematography and real good surfing. Real good.

Frame Lines

A staple for the locals, as the south coast section is a fucking classic. Between Donovan and fellow Windang kid Lowey, it’s a killer.

Young Guns 2

One of the first ones that had us hell keen on saving up coin and going on a boat trip with a bunch of mates… we still haven’t done it yet but we’ll get there. Clay Marzo’s section is sick.

Typhoon Wasabi and The Kamikaze Kids

A freebie that came with one of the magazines we were all subscribed too as grommies. It had that killer wave pool section, and it introduced us to The Softlightes “Microwave Song” so we’re forever grateful.

Horror Movies

Cape Fear

Once I went over Zach’s to see what he was up too. When I opened the door, he was in the middle of a hell tense scene and was shitting bricks, so he thought I was going to kill him. Was a classic but yeah, insanely good movie though.

The Hills Have Eyes 

Towards the start of high school, we used to crash at each other’s houses and try get up early for a paddle. And yeah, one time we watched this before bed, and it was a struggle to fall asleep. It’s not even that crazy, but it was skitz at the time.

The Village

It’s not that much of a horror film, but it’s got a cracker of a storyline. Really wacky, keeps you on your toes, good stuff.

Wolf Creek

An Aussie classic, really. Just a raw-as-al- buggery story that could happen to anyone. A movie that proves you don’t need gory shit to mess with your head.

The Ring

When Me and Zach were hell young, we were annoying my sister who had her boyfriend over at the time. We were begging to watch it because it seemed like a good idea at the time, but as punishment, they sat us down and made us watch the whole movie with them… show and tell the next day at school was bloody tops.

Check out the band’s new video for So Tired below:

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