How Nevada’s legal cannabis revenue is building beds for the homeless

In an ongoing battle to prove the beneficial side effects of legal cannabis to the rest of the world, Nevada’s largest county has allocated almost $2 million in new marijuana industry revenue to disadvantaged communities.

Clark County, home to Las Vegas as well as most of the state’s population, unanimously voted this week in favour of an $1.8 million spend towards combatting homelessness and treating those with serious medical problems. Which is a win for everybody.

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Day by day, American lawmakers are finding ways to pour newfound legal cannabis revenue into the communities which need it most.

The Clark County funding will soon be responsible for 76 new beds at the Shannon West Homeless Youth Centre in Southern Nevada, and 60 new beds as part of a rapid rehousing program for individuals with serious health problems post-hospital discharge.

With marijuana legalisation sitting at a turning point not only in the United States but all over the world, small steps like these are playing a large role in transforming public attitudes around the (mostly) illicit drug.

The medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant have never been more publicised, not only for physical afflictions like chronic pain or arthritis, but for mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, and substance addiction. If the social benefits of decriminalised or legalised marijuana can also be proven, there’s no stopping the plant.