A new Tupac docuseries is on the way

A five-part docuseries about the rapper, Tupac Shakur’s life is on its way after a deal between his estate and documentary director Allen Hughes.

Hughes reached a deal with the Shakur estate which grants him full and exclusive access to released and unreleased recordings, writings, and poetry.

With an all-new source of incredible exclusive material, Hughes will create a five-part documentary that focuses on the late rapper.

Representatives for the Shakur estate have confirmed that a deal has been reached for the project to continue. It will be the first definitive and comprehensive look at Shakur’s life that has actually had full approval of his estate.

Tupac was just 25 when he was gunned down in 1996. Despite his age, the rapper was a trailblazer for hip-hop and social activism before his death.

Hughes and Tupac have significant history, with the pair working together in the early ’90s to direct a video for the rapper’s hit, ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby.’ Interestingly, Hughes and Shakur got into a fist-fight about another film project, with the fight ending with Tupac spending 15 days in jail.

Hughes pressed charges for the assault, and Tupac was found guilty in 1994. However, there mustn’t be too much bad blood because the director will be shining a spotlight on Tupac’s influence and legacy through the new series.