A life sized Michael Hutchence statue could be erected in Melbourne

The city of Yarra in Melbourne looks set to vote as to whether or not one of Australia’s most iconic musicians, Michael Hutchence, will soon receive a life-sized statue in his name.

Last year, mayor Danae Bosler teased the idea of commissioning a life-sized statue of late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, and it soon might be a reality.

The City of Yarra is taking essential steps in this process, with a vote set to decide whether or not the likeness of Michael Hutchence will join Molly Meldrum in the Richmond precinct.

Speaking about the opportunity mayor, Danae Bosler stated: “Michael Hutchence is a true Australian music legend, and it’s a compliment his family has looked to the City of Yarra as the home for his statue,

The City of Yarra has a proud history of cultivating and championing local music, and is the home to some of Australia’s top live music venues, so we’re especially honoured his family saw Yarra as a good fit.

While Hutchence was born in Sydney, it is noted that Michael was closely tied to Melbourne and in particular, the Richmond area, having filmed Dogs In Space and recorded the lone record by his experimental side-project Max Q in the area.

If approved by the City of Yarra, the public will soon have their own say as to whether or not the $145,000 statue should be built. However, it’s worth noting that this is not a bill that taxpayers will have to cop. Fortunately, supporters of the project are set to raise the required funds independently.

While there’s still a little while to go before we find out whether Richmond will soon become home to Australia’s life-sized musical hall of fame, we are excited by the prospect of celebrating such an iconic musician.