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How to control a modular synth rig with your thoughts


Bertolt Mayer has been a DJ for more than 15 years. And as a passionate electronic musician, he enjoys tweaking his hardware synths. He was also born without his lower left arm. This makes it difficult to have a fast and fluid interaction with the instruments, even with a prosthesis. The solution? Control synths with thoughts.

Mayer’s prosthetic arm is controlled via electrodes that pick up the electrical signal from the muscle. Logically, he thought that if CV controls can be used to adjust synth parameters, why not use the ones in his prosthetic arm?SynLimb

Can you control a synth with your thoughts? Bertolt Mayer is on a mission to find out. He teamed up with KOMA to add a synth control circuit to his prosthetic arm.

Building a brand new circuit to amplify his low voltage electrodes to a useful amount for CV control was a bridge too far for Mayer’s electronic capability. So he reached out to KOMA to build a circuit board for his prototype.

The thoughts that Mayer produces to control the electrodes in his prosthesis can also adjust synth parameters. For now, Mayer has called the prototype the SynLimb and as you can see from the demo below, it’s amazing stuff. Stay tuned to Bertolt Mayer’s YouTube channel for updates.


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February 18, 2020

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