Introducing Arlo Mac, New Zealand’s newest indie treasure

Arlo Mac are a four-piece rock band from New Zealand, ready to serve you up a hot and steamy plate of indie magic. 

Being just high school students when they were crowned winners of Smokefree Rockquest last year, Arlo Mac were celebrated by how they took their audience on a journey, melding genres, styles, and time signatures together with ease.

Arlo Mac

It’s time you met Arlo Mac, a four-piece from New Zealand carving out some stunning indie tunes. 

Ease My Mind is a single which puts the band one step closer to stardom, combining a pitch-perfect indie sound with frontman Harry Mason’s impressive and distinct vocals. As Australia watches Spacey Jane grow bigger by the second, it’s easy to compare the two bands’ eclectic and modern sonic deliveries. It can be seen that similarly, Arlo Mac is becoming New Zealand’s newest indie treasure. 

While the vocals are a definite standout, Ease My Mind contains all the ingredients for an incredible indie rock song, including catchy guitar and bass as well as some bounce-worthy percussion. It becomes immediately apparent that this act have struck the happy medium, carefully balancing pop accessibility with that rock noise we all crave every once in a while. 

If one thing is certain, Arlo Mac are set to make a name for themselves – a big one at that. Watch the video for Ease My Mind below.


Ease My Mind is out now.