Howard Stern says Meat Loaf was in a “Weird F**king Cult"

Howard Stern says Meat Loaf was in a “weird f*cking cult… and now he’s dead”

Radio host Howard Stern thinks the legendary singer was caught up in the anti-vax movement, leading to his death.

The legendary singer, Meat Loaf tragically lost his life recently at the age of 74 and while there has been no official cause of death announced, TMZ reported that he succumbed to COVID-19. Now, on his own radio show, Howard Stern said “Meat Loaf got sucked into some weird f**king cult.”

Stern is definitely the type to stir the pot whether it’s ‘too soon’ or not but this time, he seems genuinely concerned.

Credit: Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images file

Meat Loaf had not actually come out to say he was an anti-vaxer but he certainly wasn’t pro anything that was going on around the pandemic.

In an interview with Pittsburg Post-Gazette late last year Meat Loaf said: “The only good masks are N95. But we got one, and it was so badly made, the straps were so short, they would go on a child. So we had to go on the airplane with the paper masks and then on the way back, we got a Nazi: ‘Get your mask on now!’ They’re power-mad now.”

When the interviewer responded, “Oh God, we’re being controlled by everybody,” Meat Loaf said, “Yeah, I know. But not me. If I die, I die, but I’m not going to be controlled.”

Stern made reference to that interview saying: “And somehow really believed that — he made a statement, ‘I’d rather die a free man than take that vaccine.’ And now he’s dead!”

This isn’t actually a direct quote as it’s still unknown whether or not Meat Loaf was vaccinated but Stern is imploring that the singer’s family speak out in support of COVID vaccinations.

“I wish the family would come forward and say, ‘You know, when Meat Loaf was laying there in the hospital and he couldn’t breathe, he said, ‘I made a mistake, I should have taken the vaccine’,” remarked Stern.

“Like all these anti-vaxxers, they all say, ‘I made a mistake.’”

Whether it’s just speculation or Howard Stern is actually trying to get better information out there, the world didn’t need to lose such an impeccable songwriter and performer.