Scott Morrison announced $1 billion investment to save the reef, if he’s re-elected

An extra $1 billion will go into saving the world’s most extensive coral reef from climate change… if the Coalition is re-elected.

Scott Morrison will announce the huge deal in Cairns today with funds going towards new programs and extending existing scientific work to protect the reef and its wildlife.

That’s not all Scotty is hoping to protect, with tens of thousands of tourism jobs on the line. It’s very convenient timing considering it is an election year. Something smells fishy…

Credit: Shuttershock

Sco Mo seems to be doing the whole campaign trail the true, old fashioned way. He’s going to rural areas and making promises he cannot guarantee.

This funding pledge was announced literally only days before Australia is due to send a report to Unesco about the state of our reef and any future plans to protect it.

The world heritage committee had previously threatened to list the Great Barrier Reef as “in danger” and gave the current government a deadline to pretty much get their shit in order before a critical meeting scheduled for Jule in Russia.

It really doesn’t take too long to figure out what Scott Morrison is doing. Guess he was hoping Aussies only read the headlines.

In discussing the pledge, Scotty said: “Funding will support scientists, farmers and traditional owners, backing in the very latest marine science while building resilience and reducing threats from pollution in our oceans, and predators such as the crown-of-thorns starfish.”

“This is already the best-managed reef in the world and today we take our commitment to a new level,”  Scott said before the officiant announcement in North Queensland.

Whether it’s a campaign ploy or whatever, we’re just hoping someone is finally going to do something to repair our reefs.

Don’t toy without hearts Scotty, please! We can’t take it.