Huge news for DJs around the world. SoundCloud will no longer remove mixes due to copyright infringements

Eric Wahlforss, founder of SoundCloud, has revealed that DJ mixes hosted on the platform will no longer be affected by copyright infringement.

dj mixer

SoundCloud has reached deals with licensing groups to allow users to upload mixes featuring copyrighted material, according to founder Eric Wahlforss.

In an interview with Groove Magazine, Wahlforss said that he has struck necessary deals with licensing companies around the world in order to keep mixes on the platform.

Since 2010, SoundCloud has used automated identification programs to protect a creator’s copyright, which works by checking uploads against a database of tracks that some publishers and producers may have asked the company to block.

DJs could previously only post mixes if they had permission to use copyrighted material, leading to many having their content removed, and in some cases, their accounts terminated. This caused a huge uproar with DJs and other artist across the world.

According to the SoundCloud founder, the company will not introduce advertising into DJ mixes. However, he did not clarify whether or not users who have had their accounts terminated for copyright infringement in the past would be allowed back onto the platform.

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[via Fact Mag]