This Summer’s going to be a stinker – cool down with these tranquil shots of flowing fog

Award-winning photographer Nicholas Steinberg has a passion for capturing dramatic landscapes. With a remarkable talent for capturing the diverse textures of nature, he also adjusts shutter speed to create magnificent effects with water and fog.

Based in San Francisco, Steinberg finds the perfect moment in twilight to photograph the sun and its surroundings in their most spectacular form.

Photo by Nicholas Steinberg
Photo by Nicholas Steinberg

Escape the hot Aussie heat by visually enveloping yourself in the fog of these tranquil mountain landscapes.

Without image editing software, by using a longer shutter speed on his digital camera, Steinberg can shoot up to 2 minutes to get the smooth, flowing fog effect.

“For the last 8 years I’ve been shooting in the San Francisco area I have been absolutely obsessed with the fog. Night and day it’s what I live for and what defines my photographic style. I check the cams, satellites, and other forecasts to always be able to just get up and go. We even have a small group of about 20 of us known as, “Fogaholics” where we keep each other updated all the time as soon as we see it roll in” Steinberg writes on Bored Panda.

Battling inland heat and tough coastline conditions, Steinberg hits up the highest peaks in California to get the optimal shots, where his mood is “literally heaven on earth as you feel on top of the world.”

On exploring the unique feats of nature, he says, “what I discovered from hundreds of trips up there is, when the fog rolls through and is at the perfect height and density, it will create wave-like movements as it contours the land.”

All photos by Nicholas Steinberg.

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