Introducing Hydromedusa

PHWOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!! With an ever-growing electronic dance music scene in Australia and the popularity of triple j-esque indie-rock, it’s hard to believe that hard rock and roll bands are still around. Be that as it may, say hello to Hydromedusa*. Dirty music with real instruments played by 5 bad ass Adelaideans, which I can only assume drink whiskey straight out of the bottle, chased with the cheapest non-boutique beer that the change in their ripped black jeans can afford.


Hydromedusa have been recognised locally and internationally for their energetic stoner (with spit of psych) sound after the release of their self-titled 2011 EP. The EP features a demon of a track called Pemulwuy that goes for 23 minutes. TWENTY THREE MINUTES!! Sadly 3 minutes too long to make the Women’s Day 20 Things to do in 20 Minutes article. But definitely more time worthy than “envisioning reaching a heath goal” and “calming down”. After selling out of their 2011 self-titled EP cassette, they released The Rats Have My Mind cassingle in 2013. More cassette action. This shit is definitely back, flipping the old digital download a bird or two.

These guys toured Australia late last year and also played at Adelaide’s 2013 Scum Fest (they’ll be playing this year, too). For those who haven’t heard of or experienced Scum Fest before, it’s like a humble yet filthy home for those who haven’t showered for a week and want nothing more than to hear heavy bands scream at them while knocking the froth off way to many. Too great.

On a related note, the guys at Capital Waste Pictures continue to be HUGE gurus! The absolute masters of a music clip. Here is the video produced for Wasted Wails from The Rats Have My Mind.

Rock on dewds   \m/

*Hydromedusa is a turtle genus in the family Chelidae, commonly known as the South American snake-necked turtles.



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