Enby icon, i was Eros takes large genre leap with new single ‘Crying Like Kirby’

i was Eros dives into the heartache of obsessive infatuation over someone who’s too oblivious to notice, with their new single Crying Like Kirby.

British-born enby icon, i was Eros takes a step in a new direction of their genre journey, with their latest hyper-pop single Crying Like Kirby

Now residing in Brisbane, the fast-rising artist, known for experimenting with genres and utilising alternative techniques in crafting their sound, has a background in poetry, which paves the way for their intricate and earnest lyrical style. However, as they found themselves longing for a new sound and aesthetic to define their artistry, they took a creative leap and have now entered a new era of pink pop and cultural illusion.

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The track kicks off with vibrant, melodic synths and energetic beats, complimented by polished, sugary vocals that give the tune that “it’s so sweet it’ll crack your teeth” pop sound.

However, despite the cheerfulness of this invigorating three-minute hit, i was Eros dives into the all-too-relatable topic of dealing with the heartache of having an obsessive infatuation over someone who’s too oblivious to notice. Throughout the song, they take us along on their journey through this hyper-fixation, before arriving at the empowering conclusion that this person simply does not deserve them! 

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Credit: Press

Crying Like Kirby sees i Was Eros using more loose and fun lyricism, as well as finally finding their sound and veering away from their previous work. If this is merely the beginning of their exciting hyper-pop rampage, we can’t wait to hear what i was Eros comes out with next! Stream the new single, Crying Like Kirby via Spotify below.