ICYMI: JBL BE HEARD has just hit half a million views, let us catch you up on the last 4 episodes

Fans of insightful BTS music documentaries have never had it so good.

JBL has offered up a rare opportunity to get some insight into the world of music with their limited doco series JBL BE HEARD, a creative journey through the eyes of emerging artist, Athanasia.

So far, there have been four 6 to 8-minute videos where we meet Athanasia and watch as she dives into songmaking, meets experts and steps outside the studio to and into the music industry.

ath jbl

In episode one we meet Athanasia, a Sydney-local producer and musician with not only a passion for music but a 4-year conservatorium education. While she’s currently in a cover band, her goal is to create and perform her own music, citing her vibe as a blend of soul, pop, disco and funk. 

In order to make dreams a reality, JBL brings in esteemed producer and singer-songwriter, Audius Mtawarira, who’s known for his work with Flo Rida, Jessica Mouboy and Delta Goodrem. 

Episode two dives into the magic of song-making, pointing out every aspect you wouldn’t have thought of.

Athanasia creates a mood board to visualise who she wants to be as an artist, filled with glitter, glitz and 70s glam. It’s exciting to watch the vision form as Audius nurtures her vision and offers valuable insight.

In episode three, we follow Athanasia as she receives a vocal session with Simon Cohen, a vocal producer and mix engineer whose credits include Justin Beiber’s ‘Love Yourself’.

After her session, a string quartet comes in to help further annunciate the vision that Athanasia has for her song, still rich with that 70s soul.

Finally, she meets with Cara McDonald, Mushroom Creative House’s artist expert who walks her through defining her artistry.

Episode four shows Athanasia meeting with Jack River to discuss the inner workings of the music industry; a conversation complete with side hustles, networking, and the myth of being discovered.

She also meets with social media strategist and marketing executive for Mushroom Group, Sam, who talks her through growing her following and the best ways to release new music.

That’s all we have, but the series is far from over. Next episode, we can expect an exclusive sneak peek at the single Athanasia has been working on throughout the series, ‘Bet I See It. We’re looking forward to it!