IDLES have released their extraordinary Paris Le Bataclan concert in full

If you have ever been to an IDLES gig in your life, you’ll know they are an intense overflow of raw emotion and power.

The entire crowd crashes into one another with the same good energy. Finally, you can experience their now-iconic Paris Le Bataclan concert in full.


In a purified act of resistance, IDLES have released the full video of their histrionic Paris Le Bataclan show in all its joyful glory.

The final concert in support for their album Joy As An Act of Resistance is the purest kind of release. You can feel the crowd moving in viscous circles, throbbing at a high heart rate. You can also feel the adoration between the crowd and singer Joe Talbot, they work in perfect unison. It isn’t a tall order to call these guys one of the greatest live acts around at the moment.

The full concert was released after four days of drip-feeding fans. The band have been releasing Q&As with each member of the band answering fan questions. The full album for the show was released last year under the title A Beautiful Thing: IDLES Live At the Bataclan.

Throughout the concert, you can see the bulldozer energy that IDLES bring to every concert. They power through almost their entire catalogue in a perfect two-hour blast. If you managed to catch any concert on this tower, you will know how mind-blowing this band is live. Their gig at the Lansdowne last year will always remain a pinnacle that most bands will never manage to scrape.

Do yourself a favour and watch this show below. Feel the full brunt of love and joy, it is the best resistance we have.