IKEA and Teenage Engineering reveal new, flat-pack home audio range

Your favourite flat-pack furniture outlet, IKEA, are teaming with Swedish synth and audio company Teenage Engineering to create a new range of home audio equipment.

The new line will consist of a turntable, speaker, and lighting equipment… and honestly, it’s really bloody ugly. Unless your really into Lego or something.

IKEA and Teenage Engineering are teaming up to create an affordable, flat-packed audio system, featuring a turntable, speaker, and lighting equipment.

Named Frekvens, the new series has been in the works for two years, and is set for release in June 2019.

Marcus (Engman, head of design at Ikea) got this idea that it’s kind of like a home roadie thing, like you could set up your own sound system,” Teenage Engineering’s Jesper Kouthoofd told Ad Age. 

Then I started thinking about how, a lot of Swedes, we go to Ikea when we have a party—to get candles, napkins. Maybe we could do something that’s really affordable so people can buy a sound system, including a light show—a complete party.”

Napkins and candles – a complete party indeed.

Of course because it’s IKEA, you will be required to assemble parts of the new series yourself.

Prices for the Frekvens range are yet to be announced, though it’s expected to fall somewhere between the $5 and $99 mark.

Via Fact Mag