I'lls – A Warm Reception

Last week Happy brought you Klo, and this week Happy brings you I’lls* (pronounced ‘isles’ for those of you who are as confused as I initially was). The common denominator between the two? Talented multi-instrumentalist Simon Lam.

The combination of Lam’s drumming skills and soothing voice with the talents of band mates Dan Rutman on guitar, and Hamish Mitchell on synth and keys, the trio collaboratively form Melbourne-based band I’lls and so far it has resulted in the making of some pretty damn beautiful music. Keep it coming boys.


Melbourne trio I’lls’ rich ambient electro pop will have you seeing the Northern Lights every time they grace your ears. Escape the day if only for a moment.

After establishing themselves as a group in 2011, I’lls have since released two EPs – with their most recent A Warm Reception  seeing plenty of radio play and a considerable amount of love from all over. Think ambient acoustics, electronic pop and you have yourself a very relaxing time.

I’lls’ music is filled with carefully constructed melody lines that are as many parts delicate as they are powerful, and although delicacy and power don’t quite seem to be a likely combination, you will definitely understand what I mean when you listen to any of I’lls material.

Described by DJHDD on Yes Please Records’ page as “glitchy ethereal psychedelic pop music that stumbles across your senses with strange pops & clicks, dissociating & then rejoining the melody; sounding like an old warped record left out in the Australian sun”, it’s pretty clear that I’lls music is cool.

The boys of I’lls have previously played alongside Oliver Tank, Flume, Chet Faker and many more, so you could say that they’re already a pretty big deal. I’m predicting that 2014 might just be their year. If all of the above has been enough to entice you into the world of musical euphoria a.k.a I’lls, then please get yourself to either No Sleep ‘til Wednesday next weekend or Paradise Music Festival this November. And if you’re feeling super keen, maybe even both.

Simon will also be making appearances as one half of Klo, with the remaining lineups studded with names such as Client Liason, Oscar Key Sung, Drunk Mums and more. Please see the dates below and happy listening.

Tuesday 9th September – No Sleep ‘til Wednesday, Bris
Friday 28th November – Sunday 30th November – Paradise Music Festival, Vic

* Don’t mind us as we make SEO happy…”Ills”…yes, we got the green light!