‘I’m Too Kind’ by The City is slamming indie rock that’s refined as hell

I’m Too Kind is the second single from The City, and it’s chugging electrics and polished melodies make for surefire indie-rock.

Newcastle indie rock outfit The City has released I’m Too Kind, the follow-up single to the sleek Closure.

With its loud-soft dynamics and knockout chorus, the Novocastrian is one step closer on his journey to indie-rock stardom.

The City

Before delving into the new banger, we need to know about the man behind it, Phillip Hanlon. It’s obvious that Phil has been listening to relevant rock artists and refining his guitar chops for quite some time now. The new single takes some inspiration from the loud-soft rock dynamics of Catfish & The Bottlemen, with an effective blend of clean fills and high-gain chugs. As for his vocals? His rich and baritone timbre is very similar to Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys, or even Julian Casablancas of The Strokes.

Now, add Phil’s knack for charismatic one-liners and tight songwriting, and you’ve got a formidable indie-rock force on the horizon. Check out the intense, one-shot performance video of the track.

I’m Too Kind begins with some classic feedback trickery, then straight into a 4/4 rock strum. The City (Hanlon) makes his interest in buzzy lyrics known pretty quickly, with off-kilter charisma like “You got the looks to make her turn around”. Another quip, “I’m only here for you some come on baby just humour me”, is a hot slice of relatability for those that lean on the fence at house parties, waiting for a reason to stay.

Then, the speakers widen, and the chorus hits. Its relentless guitars and airtight drumming make it ideal for live performances, and the punchy melody makes for a memorable listen. “So much for certainty now” is pure teen-angst goodness, and I shouldn’t have expected anything less from a Novocastrian. Phil explained that the track is about a toxic relationship falling apart, and how being “too kind” allows others to manipulate and poison.


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The highlight of the track for me is a sneaky minor chord right before the final chorus. It’s a little touch your ears will immediately question – then appreciate. Take note, aspiring rockers. One unexpected chord change can go a long way in adding complexity and interest to a track. Keep pumping out the indie pop/rock The City. It’s on-trend and sounding fantastic.

Stream I’m Too Kind below: