The Chaser dropped an intensive, 7-year-long list of the Liberal Party’s corruption (with receipts)

Following the ongoing scandals with the Liberal Party, The Chaser has released a complete list of the Liberal’s scandals over the past seven years.

It’s the list you never knew you needed in your life until now. 125 points, to be exact, on how the Liberal Party have fucked up during the last decade. Starting with the federal government cutting 14 million dollars from the national audit office, The Chaser lists the many questionable decisions ScoMo and the Liberal Party have made that make us question what was going through their heads at the time.

Some of our favourites on the list include point number 13, “tried to get parliament to vote on new legislation without giving copies of the bill to the people voting on it.” A brilliant and well-thought move on the party’s behalf. Let’s not forget politicians were prevented from speaking against said legislation.

Photo: AAP/Paul Braven
Photo: AAP/Paul Braven

Honourable mentions also go out to point number 40, “declared that they will violate a new law because they don’t like it.” Of course, this point refers to ScoMo’s rejection to vote on the “stupid” refugee bill, which was to give doctors the final say on evicting sick asylum seekers from offshore detention.

The list follows news this morning that the Prime Minister’s office did know about the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins. Text messages between Brittney and another liberal party member, which date back to April of 2019, claim that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) was “mortified” to hear about the news.

These texts messages contradict the PM’s statement that no one in his office knew about these allegations. There are now three office members who initially claimed they did not know about Miss Higgins’ alleged rape.

Add this to the list of ever-growing scandals from the Liberal Party, and you have yourself one corrupt federal government.

Read more about the Brittany Higgins’ case here. Check out The Chaser’s full list here.