In Capital surround every hook with joy on ‘Fridays With Carol’

In Capital’s second LP, Fridays With Carol is a thoroughly entertaining listen. The duo sound pretty entertained, too.

It’s a Friday and I’m tuning into the Melbourne-based In Capital for the first time. A little dusty, but excited nonetheless. It doesn’t take long to be impressed. By the time the opening track finishes and the vocals ring out, I’m absolutely cheering for this duo.

’80s-inspired, hook-fuelled feel goodery is always welcome in my books, and In Capital are leading the charge with some shimmering tracks. Let’s dive into their colourful sophmore, Fridays With Carol.

In Capital

A Walk On The West Side is exactly what you should do when listening to this breezy opener. The “da da” hook captures that cool and calm, kicking-down-the-cobblestones attitude, setting up the fun-loving tone of the record perfectly.

Later on, we get the jangly disco fever of Dr Mann’s Disco Plan. Amidst the head-bopping old school grooves, we’re treated to some swaggered screams for additional flavour. I’m definitely sensing some David Bowie and B-52s influence. One does not simply throw in a sexy sax solo without knowing exactly what they’re doing.


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The party continues on Roland Garros, a certified banger with trippy synths, shouted hooks, and atmospheric production to heighten that spaced out feel. In Capital produce all their own material, so you really get a sense of creative freedom and liberation listening to all the ad libs. “We let the songs be what they wanted to be”, Nick comments.

One final highlight I’ll leave you with is the immersive Studio Blues. Its summery electric riffs and slow, percussive layering make it a stunning slow burn, with a thoroughly enjoyable vocal performance from Cam. “I got a tambourine!” Fuck yeah, you do.

If you’re after some cruisy ’80s pop, definitely give these guys a spin.

Listen to Fridays With Carol below: