‘There You Are’ by In The Shallows is a sweet slice of celestial folk

New Zealand outfit In The Shallows has just launched their latest single, There You Are. It’s a shimmering display of the band’s melodic instinct.

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, In The Shallows produce a melodic folk that’s bathed in a ’60s glow. The latest single from the band, There You Are, leans into a sound that’s heavily inspired the flower children of a bygone era.

With support from Andrew Bain and Nick Brown, the core of In The Shallows is the vocal interplay between Welsh-born vocalist Danni Parsons and guitarist Lance Shepherd. In There You Are, you can’t help but be carried away by its pure and celebratory melodies and harmonies.

In the Shallows

In fact, it’s this thick wall of harmony that greets the listener from the opening bars of the track. Locked together and floating on top of a bed of chiming guitar arpeggios, it’s as if you’ve been plunged into a daydream.

That sense of fantasy and escapism is furthered by the song’s message. “Why won’t you take me away from here?” Danni Parsons asks. But the chorus brings the listener back to reality, telling us that “You can’t run away from who you are.”

But instead of a warning, it reads like a statement of empowerment. Couched in its positive tones, the clear message is that the challenge of being one’s self ought to be embraced.

There You Are is out now. Stream it below: