India sets record for world’s largest single-day spike with 78,000 new coronavirus cases

India is set to overtake the US and Brazil for the highest coronavirus caseload as the country sees the fastest single-day spike, breaking the pandemic record so far.

Experts predict that India is set to be the world’s worst coronavirus hotspot after recording a rampant 78,761 new coronavirus cases and 948 deaths in the past 24 hours, breaking the record for the world’s fastest-growing single-day spike.

Despite COVID-19 cases swelling in the region, the Indian Government continues its loosening of pandemic restrictions as it moves to reopen the New Dehli subway system.

India coronavirus

India currently holds the third-highest coronavirus caseload worldwide, but after four consecutive days of new corona cases tallying beyond 75,000, the rate of infection in India is now outpacing Brazil and the United States.

On Sunday, the country broke the daily global record with 78,000 cases – and the numbers are still climbing. The health ministry reported the spike saw 948 deaths overnight, bringing the total up to 63,498, the fourth-highest death toll in the world. The total number of reported cases so far in India staggers over 3.5 million.

Despite the accelerating spread across the region, India’s leaders continue their efforts to open up the country. Religious and sporting events are still operating, and from next week, the government will begin reopening the crowded subway in the capital of New Delhi, giving access to the city and encouraging momentum back into the workforce.

Experts report that the Indian economy has lost around 20 per cent of its annual growth due to the pandemic lockdown restrictions. Officials argue that reopening the country and its transport systems will get the economy moving again.

“The disease is everywhere,” said Indian labourer Md Asabul to the ABC. “It is in God’s hand now.”