Wrap your mind around Cone of Confusion’s experimental new single Conscious Inertia

Focusing heavily on improvisation and expansive structure, Cone of Confusion are a collective worthy of the name.

The entrancing sound of Conscious Inertia encapsulates progressive rock at its finest; tight and psychedelic, with a heavy dose of jazz. There is some dazzling musicianship at work here.

Sydney’s Cone of Confusion unveil their experimental masterpiece Conscious Inertia, displaying a serious dedication to instrumentation with a complete exploration of the psyche.

Cone of Confusion are an experimental five-piece from Sydney that blend musical and mental curiosity through improvisation, taking you on a journey through your own mind. Their debut concept album, set to release in July, was recorded entirely live at Studios 301, with Jack Garzonio, lending the sound its air of improvised progression and excitement.

The clarinet (Gareth Hearne) and vibraphone stylings (Adam Weisser) offer a unique, jazzy touch to Conscious Inertia, producing a sound that is rarely heard in progressive rock. This collides halfway through the track with a slide guitar solo from French player Remi Marchand. The ensuing jam with clarinet is something truly special. Psychedelic sounds erupt and the track climaxes, spinning you out as screams and yells cascade down over the song.

The upcoming concept album is programmatic, following the story of an individual dreaming about their inevitable emancipation from the system. As it happens, Conscious Inertia takes places early on in the story arc in which the individual is conscious of the inevitability of their deeds leading to negative repercussions. In the climax of the track, they experience an awakening, identifying their troubles as a result of a system that is irreversibly corrupt.

So if you fancy a trip to the outer regions of your consciousness, or just want to hear some serious musicians laying it down, Cone of Confusion have you sorted, and we are on the edge of our seats to hear the rest of the jam tracks they cook up.

Conscious Inertia will be launching on the 29th of March with a show Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst. More info on that show here. Listen to Conscious Inertia above.