The first Stranger Things season 3 trailer is finally here

The day has finally arrived. After two years, multiple teasers, and a whole lot of anticipation, the first full-length Stranger Things season 3 trailer is here. Pack your bags. We’re going back to Hawkins.

Our first look at the new series features all our OG faves, the newbies from season 2 and a few new faces to boot. It’s the summer of 1985, and things are changing.


The first Stranger Things season 3 full-length trailer is finally here and it’s bigger and better than ever… but then so is the Demogorgon.

Steve’s wearing a sailors costume. The kids are a 1980s dream. Baba O’Riley is the backing track. What more could you possibly want? Add to that seeing all our little dudes growing up. Including the newest incarnation of the Demogorgon, which looks like has also hit puberty.

Season 3 kicks off on July 4th. Thankfully here in Australia, it’s Winter, so I’ll have no problem being cooped up watching it all go down. Check out the trailer below.