INSTYNKT and the delicate process of culling shit lyrics

‘Lies Lovers Thieves’ gets dissected as INSTYNKT dive into the process of fleshing out their songwriting

Unleashing their latest EP, ‘Lies Lovers Thieves,’ Mornington Peninsula’s very own INSTYNKT has left a trail of electrifying energy that has captured the hearts and souls of music-loving locals.

The ensemble has become the talk of the town in Melbourne, a city renowned for nurturing groundbreaking talent. It’s high time we delve deeper into the mystique that surrounds these emerging legends.


Within the confines of ‘Lies Lovers Thieves,’ INSTYNKT expertly spins melodies that wrap around your consciousness like a captivating whirlwind. From the very first note of ‘Undertow’ to the final crescendo of ‘Asleep At The Wheel’, the EP weaves a spell that is impossible to resist. But their magic doesn’t stop there.

In the creative process, INSTYNKT acknowledges the importance of writing and rewriting, valuing the opinions of the entire band. Frontman Charlie has learned the value of constructive criticism and the humbling experience of realizing when something may not meet their standards.

Sometimes, only time can reveal when something is a bit shit, and it is through this journey of growth and refinement that INSTYNKT continues to elevate their music and ensure they deliver nothing short of excellence.

Recently, INSTYNKT took the stage at the iconic Evelyn, delivering a show that can only be described as an explosion of euphoria. Fans were left spellbound by the raw power emanating from the stage, as the band poured their heart and soul into each performance.

It was a night that will forever be etched in the memories of all who were fortunate enough to witness it, a testament to the band’s ability to create an electric connection with their audience.

For devoted fans who have followed INSTYNKT’s journey from the beginning, ‘Lies Lovers Thieves’ presents an opportunity for an intimate exploration of their artistic evolution. Each track serves as a chapter, a portal into the depths of their musical genius.

From the ethereal melodies that transport you to distant dimensions, to the introspective lyrics that unveil raw vulnerability, INSTYNKT invites you to immerse yourself in their sonic universe, unraveling the intricacies and discovering hidden layers with every listen.


Follow on as Charlie gives us a track-by-track of Lies Lovers Thieves.


Good old Undertow ay. We wrote this song in 2019, on an extremely hot day. That’s all I can really recall, was that it was in the 40s. The structure itself is relatively simple and I kind of wanted to see how many words I could spit out in a verse. The patterns of it are kind of like a rap but with melody. It’s not about anything but it’s about something… just haven’t figured out what it is.

Girl on Kennedy

I’m not going to put anyone on blast but it’s kind of a sarcastic dig at someone who used me. All the lyrics are just tongue in cheek. If the song had a slower, minor, melodic folk vibe the lyrics would be a love song. But put them in front of a rhythm section as shown on “Kennedy” it spits at you a bit. I remember trying to kind of sing it how I imagined Liam Gallagher might.


Shilo and myself were sitting out on the balcony when we were working with Lindsay Gravina at his studio tracking “Make Love”, and I had lyrics written about being young but also knowing that you’re getting older quite quickly, mourning the loss of youth, but no melody. I started strumming some chords and it came together in about 20 minutes. Shilo actually made me change the lyrics in the first verse and I initially didn’t want to, but I listen back to it now and I’m very thankful I listened to him, the first lyrics were shit.

Good Has Found Better

I’m going to save the sappy stuff for the sake of “rock n roll or something” and put it plainly: there’s two breakup songs on the record, this is one of them. I penned it Boxing Day in Drop D as I was feeling extra emo. Then brought it to the boys and realised I couldn’t sing it in that key so we brought it down to C. In the studio Tom, our producer, made it sound absolutely massive. Definitely one of our favourites on this project.

On My Dying Day

In early Jan we went away as a band to this Airbnb we hired just out of Ballarat in Nintingbool. The idea was to get away from distractions and write a bunch of songs for the EP. We thought we’d get at least 10 written… we got 3. One of them was this one. The lyrical content is kind of foreshadowing a rock bottom, which freaks me out, because not long after, I got sober. The song just came together really quickly and smoothly.

Asleep At The Wheel

Remember I said there were two breakup songs? This is the other one. I was in a period where all my memories of things I’d said and done were flooding back. Worst feeling ever. My relationship had suffered massively and in that emotional fog I penned Asleep At The Wheel on my couch. Funny thing is I didn’t think it would fit INSTYNKT. But once we fleshed it out as a band it worked really well. We got Rhett from Among The Restless to do some high harmonies in the second verse and choruses as well. It felt like something we should put on the EP because it stood out as something different and we’re pretty happy we did.


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