PREMIERE: Y.O.G.A. and Jimi The Kween’s visualiser for ‘Interstellar’

Wrap your eyes around the intergalactic ‘Interstellar’  video premier before it officially drops this eve

Y.O.G.A. (aka Reuben Styles) and Jimi The Kween recently collaborated on Interstellar’  – a track that’s as spontaneous as it is fun.

“We wanted to encapsulate the meaning of the song. The cowboy and the gaylien, travelling across space spreading togetherness and the most of all the importance of lifting each other up. Even on this desolate lonely planet of Atatar (Ra Ta Ta backwards) we have each other, like the stars we glow BABAYYY.”

An instant mood lifter, Jimi’s lively vocals, delivered with a refreshing touch, add to the feel-good vibe of the track. Beyond its catchy tunes, the song carries a heartfelt message about embracing one’s true self and finding strength in togetherness.

Jimi The Kween shares, ” ‘Like the stars we glow’ really sums up the intent of the song for me. It is all about celebrating togetherness and lifting each other up. It’s because of the people that have loved and nurtured me every step of the way that I am able to proudly present myself to the world. Through every challenge and triumph, I take their energy with me. Together we can be interstellar!”

Now, let’s talk about the video – a charming reflection of the track’s energy. Shot in one take at double speed and then slowed down in post-production, the video captures the spontaneous and fun essence of Jimi The Kween’s performance. Despite a day filled with unexpected challenges and last-minute changes, the final take exudes authenticity and showcases the duo’s carefree spirit.

“After 6 different costume changes and a huge day of filming, this was the last take… I even forgot my earrings and wig glue, but I love the rawness, and it was too fun not to choose! It was all shot in one take at double speed, and then slowed down in post-production. We filmed so many different ideas for the clip but chose to use this one spontaneous take as it really embodies the energy of the song,” remarks Jimi The Kween.

Despite the hiccups, including crazy traffic and missed locations, the Equathon beach horse riding team turned out to be real heroes. The beach setting, where they encountered these majestic horses, became the unexpected star location of the day.

“The traffic was crazy. We missed all of our locations and had to make them up as we went. All the while, Equathon, the beach horse riding guys were waiting for us. We started to feel like there was no chance we could even make that. Hockers, Jimi’s partner kept on the phone to them though fishing the number saying we’ll be there soon and they somehow KEPT WAITING. Eventually we made it, and Equathon guys were absolute legends. The beach we met these horses on became the star location and the premise of the entire day of content and music video!” -Reuben Styles

Check out the video above and check out our interview with Reuben Styles here.