Interview: Step into the ethereal world of Aether Glacier

Dive into the ethereal world of Aether Glacier, a duo that are winning listeners over with their unique sound

Composed of Brisbane’s Casper Rose and Virginia’s Belle LeBrun, Aether Glacier has set the tone in 2024 with their singles ‘Seraphim,’ ‘Earth Angel,’ and ‘Venus Rose.’

Their music blends glitchy pop, celestial production, and haunting vocals, creating a soundscape that is both otherworldly and deeply emotive. Today, we sit down with Casper and Belle to discuss their creative processes, the spiritual journey behind their music, and the dynamic of their cross-continental collaboration.

Aether Glacier

Join us as we explore the magic and inspiration that fuel Aether Glacier.

Happy: What are you up to today?

Casper: I spent today daydreaming, meditating in the garden and building a bonfire for the full moon.

Belle: Sun basking, cloud watching, and family time.

Happy: Tell us a little about where you live? What do you love about it?

Casper: I live in Brisbane but I haven’t really been an active part of it since late 2019, just before the pandemic hit.

I became solitary during and after the lockdowns so I’ve spent more time out of physical reality than in it these past few years.

To be honest I have no idea what Brisbane really is now or how it’s transformed since then.

I guess I experienced the modern day equivalent of sitting in a cave for a few years to seek enlightenment and haven’t as of yet peeked outside to see what’s going on.

Belle: I similarly have been in my hermit wizard era. I’ve spent some time away in San Diego and other places on the move.

Currently staying on a lake right now , I watch the sunrise and get my daily news from the birds.

But there is so much I love about Richmond, the majestic James river, strolls amongst the grand trees and fawns in Hollywood Cemetery and Forest Hill Park.

When away, I miss her special charm.

Happy: What are some of your major influences?

Casper: Before I write a song, I sit for a moment and imagine a perfect stream of divine creation pouring down from the heavens and into me.

I say a prayer, go into a trance like state and when I come to I have a song or piece of art in front of me. That’s likely the biggest influence.

Belle: The same for me! The Heavens offer an endless stream of divine inspiration.

But I’m also greatly inspired by what Casper’s does musically, she’s got something special and it’s amazing to witness- I am so very grateful for her.

Happy: How did each of you individually get started in music, and what inspired you to pursue it professionally?

Casper: I started music production in 2014. First it sea-punk, then 80’s synth pop, then witch house and alt rock.

I kept changing my name and my sound but nothing really felt right. I didn’t know myself so I was sonically lost in every sense of the word.

That’s until I met Belle and we began our awakening/collaboration.

Suddenly it felt like the piece I had been searching for was finally found.

I knew it was time to follow Aether wherever it lead.

Belle:  I started making music as a hobby for my ambient nature videos I made on YouTube.

When we started Aether Glacier it felt so natural and authentic to ourselves and we felt it should be shared with the world. We are following our joy!

Happy: Can you describe the evolution of Aether Glacier’s sound from your early collaborations to your latest singles?

Casper: I think the evolution of our sound has been the evolution of us.

This project began with both of us undergoing a spiritual awakening and as we learnt new things about ourselves we would write songs about it.

Seraphim was a song written during a tough internal battle so it’s a kind of war cry.

Earth angel is a call to remember your own inherent worth as a perfect piece of creation.

Venus Rose is a self love anthem and honours the divine feminine, so with each track we were actively releasing, healing and processing the theme of each.

Happy: How do you navigate the creative process as a duo with such diverse geographic backgrounds (Brisbane and Virginia)?

Casper: We both use Ableton, so when one of us writes a song we bounce it to the other using Wetransfer.

We bounce it back and forth until we feel happy with it. It influenced our art style massively as we had to come up with a way to do our press shots from opposite sides of the globe.

We experimented with collage as a way to bridge that gap but it looked so dreamy we decided to use the same process for all our track art too!

It originally came from necessity but is now more so an aesthetic choice.

Belle: Thank God for Wetransfer and Casper’s collaging skills! Also being able to video chat and check in often.

Many times I’ve been inspired by a conversation we’ve had, just like we would in person.

I like to think Aether Glacier is our shared eternal piece of summer since we are both in different hemispheres, one of us is always near summer.

Happy: Could you share a memorable or defining moment in your musical journey so far?

Casper: I think the most memorable moment will be when we actually meet for the first time, we still have yet to!

Belle: I second what Casper said!

Happy: How do you think your personal backgrounds and experiences influence the music you create together?

Casper: A big thing for me and Belle is that we have both experienced a great deal of darkness in this world, but have made the conscious decision to support each other and heal ourselves so we can create art that can support and heal others.

It influences our music so completely that it’s really the whole point in what we do. It’s our meaning and purpose.

Happy: What can we expect from you in the future?

Casper: We are on a journey together to discover and express our truest, most authentic selves through art.

Wherever that takes us will be exactly where we need to be.

Happy: Lastly, what makes you happy?

Casper: Happiness was once highly conditional for me. So conditional in fact, I rarely got to experience it.

I spent the past few years doing a total rewiring of my brain so that joy is my default state of being rather than a consequence of something else.

Technically, everything makes me happy but I particularly love being in the creative flow state where hours can just vanish from you and suddenly there’s a piece of art in front of you.

That’s my absolute favourite.

Belle: So many things! Gratitude tears, being a steward of our beautiful Earth home, creating, being a mother, a snoring pug on my lap.

Really I could go on and on, it is true what Casper said that happiness comes from within, knowing what makes you truly, deeply, happy and being empowered enough to follow it is everything.

I was blessed to have my late father light the path to this universal truth, and I hope Aether Glacier can be that for our listeners.