Catherine Cohen chats Just For Laughs set and finding the humour in everyday life

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you’ve likely already encountered the razor-sharp wit of Catherine Cohen.

Material from the comedian’s stand-up shows has rightfully done the rounds on social media, introducing new audiences to a unique blend of musical comedy and wickedly incisive commentary.

With millions of views and a Netflix special to her name (2022’s The Twist…? She’s Gorgeous), Cohen is now gearing up for her debut visit to Australia, as part of the stacked lineup for this year’s edition of Just For Laughs Sydney

Catherine Cohen Just For Laughs Sydney

Taking to the stage at Factory Theatre on November 13, Cohen’s ‘Come For Me’ stand-up set will bring all the roaring charisma we’ve come to expect from one of comedy’s most colourful voices. 

Ahead of her Just For Laughs appearance, we caught up with Cohen for a chat about her comedic style, her role in Broad City, and just how cute she would look in a bonnet.

Catch our full interview with Catherine Cohen below, and head here to find tickets to her upcoming Sydney show. Head here for all other dates and tickets.    

Catherine Cohen Just For Laughs Sydney

HAPPY: Some of your material incorporates musical elements. Would you say these songs are harder to write than traditional stand-up material?

CATHERINE: Not harder, just different. The songs take more time/planning whereas the jokes often come when I’m just chatting on stage.

HAPPY: Some of your stand-up jokes have gone viral on TikTok. How important do you think social media is for a comedian in these times?

CATHERINE: Not to be so corny, but it’s such an incredible tool. Pretty magical that a random clip of me on stage can reach people all over the world who might have never stumbled into that dive bar in the east village.

Obviously, people can be psychotic on social media (and we send them love and light) but the pros outweigh the cons—I’ve been lucky to meet a ton of friends and collaborators via IG and Tiktok.

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HAPPY: You also have a long list of screen credits. Are there any elements of stand-up comedy that are useful when switching to acting on screen?

CATHERINE: Thank you!!! I think being able to improvise and go with the flow is crucial for being on set. Unless you’re like…doing a period piece, which I would LOVE TO DO. I’d look sooo cute in a bonnet.

HAPPY: You appeared in the much-beloved Broad City (we’re obsessed here in the office). What was it like being on the set of the finale of such an incredible show?

CATHERINE: SO MAGICAL. Everyone was so kind and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable even though I had 1 word of dialog. It was truly an honor to be a part of something so major.

HAPPY: Your Netflix special The Twist…? She’s Gorgeous arrived last year. Was there added pressure to perform well knowing that the set would be streamed worldwide?

CATHERINE: No, when we taped the special I’d been doing the show for almost four years so I was like…let’s get this thing out there! It’s ready!

HAPPY: Much of your material revolves around the complexities of online dating and being a woman in your 30s. Why are these topics so rich with comedic potential?

CATHERINE: Being a woman in this world is insane, but oh how I adore it! Truly all we can do is laugh to ease the pain…

HAPPY: How do you go about observing things in your life that go on to become jokes in your set?

CATHERINE: I’m a big believer in not forcing it. If something comes, it comes and I’ll jot it down in my notes app, but there are also long stretches of time where nothing seems funny at all. Haha!

HAPPY: Who are some fellow comedians that you think more people should know about?

CATHERINE: Pat Regan, Richard Perez, Ruby McCollister, Eric Rahill, Asha Ward.

HAPPY: Are there items you want to tick off your bucket list while visiting Sydney for Just For Laughs?

CATHERINE: It’s my first time in Australia! So just arriving in Sydney and wandering around will be quite exciting…