Revving up the garage rock scene: A close encounter with HEADSPIN

Welcome to an electrifying encounter with the boisterous Perth-based garage rockers, HEADSPIN!

Fresh from the success of their debut single ‘These Days,’ the four lads proudly claim their spot in the local music scene with their latest release, ‘I Don’t Mind.’

Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like The Strokes, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Gorillaz, HEADSPIN crafts a unique fusion of infectious hooks and boundless energy.


In this exclusive interview, we delve into the band’s formation, their quirky daily routines, and the influence of the vibrant music scene in Perth on their captivating sound. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we dive headfirst into the world of HEADSPIN !

Happy: What are you up to today?

HEADSPIN: We’re in the process of recording a new track. About to go to some local bushland to frolick for some promo footage as well.

Happy: Tell us about where you are from? What’s the music scene like in your neck of the woods?

HEADSPIN:  We’re all from Perth, Western Australia. The music scene is quite small here but there’s definitely a lot of talented artists around the place. I think in the next couple years we’ll definitely see Perth popping up even more on the national radar. Ebbs and flows baby.

Happy: Describe an average day?

HEADSPIN: Simon awakes, drinks coffee, groans ‘these days I just don’t feel the same’, attempts to stave off existential dread through sonic vibrations. 

George eats a 4 ounce steak and 3 raw eggs, pours concrete. 

Gus tends to his furry progeny Hector the rabbit. 

Jack would prefer not to incriminate himself.

Happy: What about your ultimate day?

HEADSPIN: Ragnarok.

Happy: Can you tell us more about the band members of Headspin and how they came together to form the group?

In the beginning, Simon(vocals) and Jack (drums) met through mutual friends and began playing with each other. 

Though things began to get stagnant in the jam room. Summoned from the briny depths by the bittersweet cry of Simon’s blues playing, he called “Brother is that you?”

The fish-man(George) gave up his home in the water and found his family on land as the new guitarist.

Something was missing though, a deep funky foundation, a bass, if you will. 

The mysterious Gus arrived just in time to provide the glue and groove that Headspin rhythm section longed for.

Happy: What are some of the key influences that have shaped Headspin’s sound, and how do these influences come through in their music?

HEADSPIN: Our musical backgrounds/influences range from funk, jazz, 80’s power ballads to hectic heavy metal and form a unique spicy blend. And George likes Robbie Williams for some reason.

Happy: Your debut single, “these days,” was released earlier this year. How was the response to the song, and how has it set the stage for your upcoming release, “i dont mind”?

HEADSPIN: Honestly, way better than we expected, we managed to sell out The Rosemount’s Four 5 nine bar which took us all by surprise and had a full crowd sing along. Stoked. We’re really feeling the support now and are hoping for an even bigger turn out at Indi bar on the 20th of August.

Happy: “i dont mind.” showcases a new facet of Headspin’s sound. Can you give us some insights into what listeners can expect from this track and how it differs from your previous release?

HEADSPIN: We showed the track to a friend and he said “This makes me want to steal a car and drive it in the wrong lane at 200km/h”. We do not condone this kind of behaviour (unwise).

Happy: The track was recorded in their garage and mixed by renowned local producer, Andy Lawson. How did this collaboration enhance the overall sound and production quality of

“i dont mind”?

HEADSPIN: The dude is a wizard, it was a great experience working with him. We sort of wanted to retain some of the live, garage recording vibe while keeping a modern feel to it overall and I think he nailed that.

Happy: Headspin is known for their energetic performances. How do they translate their high-energy sound into their live shows, and what can audiences expect from their launch party at the Indian Ocean Hotel?

HEADSPIN: We asked chat GPT to write us our first bio and ‘energetic’ was the word it picked. We have to live up to the demands of our AI overlord.

In terms of what to expect, beers, falling in love with Ashton(Lenny and the Bremers singer) and a whole lot of good energy.

Happy: The launch party on August 20th will feature support acts including Lenny and the Bremers, RHY, and Rubyhoo. Can you tell us more about these artists and how they complement the overall vibe of the event?

HEADSPIN:The Bremers have been so supportive of us, even though we stole George from them. They set up our first gig ever last October and are consistently an inspiration for us mere HEADSPIN peasants. They have a really polished and loveable live set.

We saw RHY on the scene some months ago and were blown away by the sheer magnitude of FUNK that they possess. Rubyhoo absolutely smoked us in battle of the bands a couple months back and we figured if you can’t beat em, join em. You definitely don’t want to miss this lineup.

Happy: As a four-piece indie rock band from Perth, how has the local music scene and the city itself influenced Headspin’s music and artistic development?

HEADSPIN: There’s so many talented musicians getting it done all around us and they’re constantly a source of inspiration and motivation for us. Have you seen Old Mervs? Two piece Insanity.

Happy: Looking ahead, what are Headspin’s aspirations and goals for the future? Are there any exciting projects or milestones on the horizon that fans can look forward to?

HEADSPIN: We have another two singles ready to get released this year after ‘i dont mind.” and they’ll show some completely different flavours and styles. It’s about to get seriously funky, watch this space.

Happy: Lastly, what makes you happy?

HEADSPIN: People enjoying our music and puppies. Keep on spinnin’.