Unf*@k Your Finances with Thriday: Let Music Take the Spotlight!

Revel in live performances? Thriday handles finances, so you focus on music. Boom!

Hey, fellow music maestros! You know what’s making a comeback? Next to the mind-blowing rush of live performances, there’s also a major movement to unf*@ck your finances.

Let’s be real – the past couple of years have been a rollercoaster. Starting from scratch, rebuilding bands, and hustling to find gigs and venues, it’s been quite the challenge. 

And oh, the struggle of being a lone wolf in this wild music world! Juggling gigs, socials, invoicing, and all that admin jazz? Not exactly the glamorous side of living the dream. But hey, you gotta stay on your game ’cause no vigilance, no payment, right?

Now, let us drop some wisdom on you – have you heard of Thriday? It’s here to save us from the financial admin nightmare! ‘Cause let’s face it, crunching numbers isn’t our jam. Thriday swoops in to handle all that boring stuff we’d rather ditch – chasing unpaid invoices, dealing with bank stuff, and the dreaded BAS and tax.

When you hop on board, they set you up with a slick business bank account* and a trusty Visa Debit card*. From there, Thriday takes the wheel, doing bookkeeping, accounting, and tax in the background. It’s like magic, man!

Legit and synced up with the ATO in real-time – you can forget the tax headaches. Plus, if you need some extra backup, Thriday’s got your back with their tax experts. They’ll give your books the once-over whenever you need ’em.

So, fellow music warriors, let’s get serious about Thriday! Say farewell to financial admin drama and hello to more time for jammin’ and rockin’ the stage.

Sign up for your free account today, and let Thriday handle the nitty-gritty while you unleash your musical genius!

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