An interviewer made Mark Zuckerberg circle pictures of traffic lights to prove he’s not a robot

During an interview with Mark Zuckerberg, US Podcast host Lex Fridman asked the Meta CEO to complete an ‘I’m not a robot’ test.

If you’re not around the long-running joke that Mark Zuckerberg is a robot; where the heck have you been for the last ten years?

It’s hard to trace back to the exact moment the joke (or legitimate question) began, but there was the time in 2014 when he answered a question at a public Q&A with: “You need to focus and try not to let stuff bother you as much as possible, but it is going to bother you because you’re human. I was human. I am human, still. But…I was just referring to myself in the past. Not that I was not human.”

Credit: Getty Images

Then there was Zucc’s Fourth of July-celebrating, hydrofoil surfboard-riding, American flag-waving, Facebook video that had people questioning his humanness.

Or the more recent occasion when he coldly explained to Facebook employees that they would now be referred to as “metamates” – so there’s hardly a shortage of instances that could be at fault.

So podcaster Lex Fridman took it upon himself to find out the truth once and for all, asking Zuckerberg to complete a sort of ‘CAPTCHA’ test during an interview with the Meta CEO.

Fridman handed Zuckerberg a piece of paper asking “Can you circle all the traffic lights, please?”

Zucc was surprisingly animated, having a genuine giggle at the podcaster’s request. He then happily circled the traffic lights – just as he was programmed to do.

But if you watch the footage, somehow Zucc appears to be the most human of the pair. So now we’re suspicious of Fridman.

The most obvious explanation is that they’re both robots, in cahoots with each other to trick the world into thinking Zuckerberg is human after all.