Introducing the irresistible madness of Italian rockers Bikini Death Race

Bikini Death Race are a electroclash duo based in Rome – a panda and a cat who, since meeting each other less than a year ago, have recorded their debut album Party Animals.

In the veiled vein of The Residents, Slipknot, and countless others, the pair choose to hide their identities and let their music speak for itself. So far a debut single named Celestico is all they have to their name – and it’s wild.

bikini death race party animals celestico

Who lies behind the animalistic balaclavas worn by Bikini Death Race? A raucous electro-punk outfit with plenty to prove, it’s hard to look away from these masked rockers.

Celestico takes off with the force of a jet engine, a high-energy track that never relents. Confronting fashion, society and family with a dadaist outlook, it bodes very well for the sort of commentary Bikini Death Race want to make.

The visual features a horde of manic parents, bickering pointlessly over the outward values of their own children. It’s pure insanity, but you’ll find yourself drawn right in.

Bikini Death Race is the brainchild of our unnamed man in the panda mask, who knew for a long time he wanted to start a female fronted electroclash group. After a chance meeting with his feline companion, the two quickly began making music together.

Since that meeting less than a year ago, Bikini Death Race have siphoned their talents into their upcoming debut album Party Animals, due to be released on April 23rd. If the LP is half as balls-to-the-wall crazy as Celestico is, sign us the fuck up.


Pre-order Party Animals online here, and on cassette here. Or if you’re in Europe, catch Bikini Death Race live:

25 May – Rome – TBA
9 June – L’Aquila – TBA
10 June – Rome – TBA
28 June – The Queen Adelaide – London, UK
29 June – The Bell – Bicester, UK
30 June – Hot Banana Music Holmfirth, UK