Two salvaged pieces of an iconic Keith Haring mural to go on display after three decades

More than thirty years after being dismantled and put into storage, two pieces of an iconic Keith Haring mural are being exhibited once more.

The panels were once a part of an epic 255 foot-long installation that adorned a fence that lined FDR Drive at Asphalt Green Park in NYC, which Haring revealed in 1984. However, they were taken down a year later.

keith haring mural

Two salvaged pieces of an iconic Keith Haring mural are set to go on display for the first time in over three decades.

The panels are currently on display in a location in Chinatown, NYC. Presented by 99 Cents Art, the iconic work is available to view 24/7 by anyone for free.

“In keeping with Haring’s desire to make art available to everyone, rather than in a gallery, we are presenting two of these steel panels that once lined the FDR Drive in a storefront in Chinatown, a neighbourhood Haring frequented from his nearby studio on Broadway,” reads the 99 Cents Art website.

The mural was created by Haring in situ on the preexisting fence. Haring often worked in public and once said, “If I only made paintings in a gallery, I would probably be frustrated.”

In 1989, when Haring saw numerous panels that had been rescued, he wrote in his journal that after all the mural had been through, its well-weathered condition “somehow … makes it look even better.”

Check out the pieces as they are being exhibited right now, and a few snaps of the original mural below.

Keith HaringKeith HaringKeith Haring

Keith Haring muralKeith Haring muralKeith Haring mural